Thursday, 31 July 2014

Paddling Pool Fun in the School Holiday Sun #B4Sept

Last year for a few weeks we lived in the paddling pool, but this year I didn't know where the blue plug sockets were, and didn't have the good sense to ask Daddy if he knew. Last week, I found them with his help, and the very next day I couldn't fill up the pool quick enough, so this was us all day Friday. It's the cheapest fab day "out" you could have. All refreshments, and towels just indoors, and no travelling home at the end of a lovely day.

I'd recommend getting a large one, as adults get hot too yeah? If you only have one for your little ones, you won't believe how much you can cool off and chill out (and enjoy the sun) if you get one you can fit in too. We've even now converted Daddy and he spent Friday evening in there. He now understands why being in there chills me out so much. It's bliss to lie back in it.

Ours is a Bestway. Daddy bought it last Summer in B&Q. It's either 8 or 10 ft (not sure) and I think it cost him about 40 pounds. We got it as we were having friends round that day and it was 32 degrees. It's money well spent as it has a lid (well more of a drawstring cover) but it means you can leave it full overnight. I find it only stays clean for about 3 days, but if you have 3 days of good weather in a row, like we often did last year, it really works. You can actually buy a pump which means you only have to fill it once at the beginning of the Summer and that's it. We've not done that yet.

I even had a hot chocolate in the pool:

Daddy popped out to get water pistols as all of ours from last year had broken. He and Aaron had hours of fun with those. When he wasn't playing with water he was driving round and round and round the patio on his trike. I had thought we paid 130 for it but it seems it's only 79.99 Schwinn Roadster - while getting the link for the trike just now I noticed that Toys R Us does a 10 ft pool that comes WITH a pump: Sizzlin Cool 10 ft pool. That'd be a great one to get. This post isn't a collaboration with anyone, I genuinely just noticed it while looking for a link to show you our trike, but better still let me show you him on it :-)
It was a fab way to spend a day and I hope the mercury goes high enough in the coming days/weeks for us to do it again, hopefully with his cousins.

Liska xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Glastonbury on Tor. The Abbey, The Tor and Where Jesus once Walked

Glastonbury Tor
Let me tell you about Glastonbury and how it's come to be my favourite place in the UK to visit, in case you're looking at the possibility of a UK staycation this Summer. If you follow my blog, chances are you might be a smidgen spiritual, so this will be right up your street. 

Glastonbury Tor is my highlight of Glastonbury. It's run by the National Trust so is a serious place, for ramblers and heritage site followers to go to, as well as a sought after destination for the discerning spiritual hippy! The world and his wife are to be found up there; all with children, dogs or both it would seem. Sadly in 2010 the Holy Thorn Tree was cut down in an act of vandalism. That article mentions Joseph of Arimathea going to Glastonbury but no mention of Jesus. However, there's a film: "And Did Those Feet" all about Jesus' trip to England, including amongst other places: Glastonbury. 

My fascination with Glastonbury does NOT begin or end with the Jesus connection, although it's something I've been aware of for over 20 years. I have celebrated Summer Solstice in Glastonbury several times as a yogi; lots of special memories.

It's not that steep an upward climb, but does have approximately 300 shallow meandering steps, but unfit me, I'll be honest, finds it hard exercise indeed. It's windier and cooler at the top than you'd expect! Bring a rug and picnic, as once you've feasted your eyes on the views you won't want to leave!
View from top of Glastonbury Tor
Did you know?
that the famous song Jerusalem (often held up as England's unofficial National Anthem) is based upon a poem by William Blake, which is all about the fact that Jesus is believed to have set foot on English soil - the first line of the poem is "And Did Those Feet" which lends itself to the name of the movie I mentioned above. The poem was not even called Jerusalem, but rather: "Prelude to Milton". I have heard the hymn Jerusalem countless times over the years, and only just read the lyrics tonight, when researching this post. I almost had my belief by osmosis without understanding why - but I know more now! When I know something to be true at a cellular level, I sometimes don't question it.
Today Glastonbury Abbey presents itself as "traditionally the oldest above-ground Christian church in the world," which according to the legend was built at Joseph's behest to house the Holy Grail, 65 or so years after the death of Jesus.[46]The legend also says that as a child, Jesus had visited Glastonbury along with Joseph. The legend probably was encouraged during the medieval period when religious relics and pilgrimages were profitable business for abbeys. William Blake mentioned the legend in a poem that became a popular hymn, "Jerusalem" (see And did those feet in ancient time). SOURCE: Wikipedia Glastonbury
The entrance to Glastonbury Abbey

This videos below will show you how very beautiful Glastonbury Abbey is:

UK Break Aways has compiled a list of their top 6 weekends away/short breaks. Currently in that list is Weston Super Mare, which is only a 45 minute drive from Glastonbury! They are currently advertising weekend and mid week breaks for August, which are very reasonably priced!

If you enjoyed this post and would also like to blog about your favourite place to visit, then enter UK Break Away's competition here: Win 250 pounds in cash as the top prize. See link for how to enter and details of the other prizes. This post is my entry. Good luck with yours.

What's Happened? What's Happening?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Pamper Afternoon with Wilko

I headed off to Liverpool Street today, and then to Devonshire Square.

You know you're in the City when your surroundings start to look like this:
What I was actually looking for was Devonshire Terrace which was to be the venue for a Wilko Health & Beauty event.
I'll do a dedicated post when it's not 3 a.m. like it is right now, but suffice to say, I had a very chilled afternoon.
My favourite range out of everything I saw was the "Fruits" hence my colourful pic above. The highlight of that range, is the bath you can buy for only 1.50 pounds to store your bath side toiletries in. They come in several colours, just like the range itself and I can't wait to get my hands on one (no there wasn't one in my goodie bag) - fruits bath pink. The "Fruits" products are 1.50 pounds each or three for 3 pounds. A Fruits "bath" full of Fruits products would therefore be a very attractive, very affordable gift.

I'll do a dedicated Wilko beauty post tomorrow, but I just wanted to share what a lovely afternoon I had.

I knew I wouldn't remember what the product Buyers said when I got home, and I knew you may be interested too, so I recorded them, talking passionately about my two favourite ranges there: Kiss and Fruits. See below:

It has to be said though, that their travel range and their suncare range are both superb too. EVERYTHING is SO cheap!!!

Disclosure: I went to a Wilko #WilkoSneakPeek event today at which I got a tour of the beauty ranges, refreshments and a goodie bag. I can't wait to tell you about the ranges I saw. All top quality and such incredibly great value!

Until I write more about the ranges I saw at the event, you can see what Wilko themselves have to say on their own blog: Introducing our new Health & Beauty Ranges.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Play Online Bingo Today

I "suffer" from something called Beginner's Luck. Literally every time I do something for the first time I WIN!

As a child, first game of Monopoly, I won! First game of Game of Life, I won! Now you could say, the adults were seeing that I was new to a game and letting me win, but no, the adults/friends in my life were quite competitive so that was not it.

Add to that the fact that the first time I had a bet, I won too! My step-Dad was betting on the horses, and I went with him. I did a Yankee. It involved betting on 4 or 5 horses. It's like an accumulator isn't it? Or something like that. Well anyway, I only put on a pound and I won 47 pounds, so you can see how good the odds were!

I never ever bet on a horse again, as I am not a gambler and beginner's luck, by its very definition only works the once right?

One thing I have never thrown my hand to is online bingo and I keep meaning to.

Just had a watch of this:

And I am thinking I might pop my online bingo cherry with As you can see they are offering 20 pounds free for new players, subject to terms and conditions (see site). You have to create an account and deposit and play five pounds in order to qualify.

The husband heard me saying to his Mum today, that whenever I pray, I get what I asked for, so he said I should play for a lottery win. I said to him I don't believe it's our destiny to win the lottery - I honestly believe that, but look at the good luck of these folks:

This post was brought to you by Paddy Power, but all wording is my own. I honestly am yet to try online bingo, but will be giving it a go in the very near future.