Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Holiday Kids' Clubs in Bristol Summer 2018

Holiday Kids Clubs - great way to break up the 6 weeks school Summer holidays
Ensuring our kids still get the company of their peers and 
lots of activity in a formal secure, yet fun setting throughout
You don't even need to be a working parent
You might just want a few days out where kids can be kids and adults can be adults
When you reconnect afterwards you'll both have a renewed spirit and
be happy to share with each other what you all got up to. 

The first time we dropped Aaron at a holiday club Lottie was sad to say goodbye
but he had so much more time for her at the end of each day
when he'd had time away with kids his own age. 
Of course it also meant I could focus on Lottie one-to-one
which she loves like when he's at regular school.

The trouble with the school Summer holidays is most of your extra-curricular evening hobbies break up for the Summer too just like school. I know all of Lottie's toddler play and stay groups do. With Aaron though, we're very lucky in that our Football Club training and our BMX Club classes carry on throughout. But it can be a long six weeks with no school and no formal structured activities.

We ourselves tried Bristol's Premier Camps in February and Aaron loved it - he made great friends and took part in gymnastics, football, archery, fencing and Nerf Gun wars over two days even coming away with a certificate. When he was in nursery when I went back to work just before he turned one, childcare was circa 50GBP a day, so I was pleasantly surprised to find Premier Education holiday camp from only 15.95 GBP a day (cheaper or dearer depending on the amount of notice given and whether booked on or offline. Book online before you attend, to guarantee a place and the cheapest price. There is a mobile phone contact for each Premier course and the phone is answered by a very personable and informed team member who will give you the exact advice you require. If you do a course local to home you may well find your child knows a few people there.

Premier Camps!Everyone is invited to join the fun.

Inspire to Engage is Premier Sport’s brand new holiday course initiative. Your children will keep busy and active with a huge variety of activities and sports for them to enjoy during the school holiday. The fun environment on our holiday courses means they mix with loads of children of their own age, get active and most importantly have fun.

The programme is accessible across all age groups and abilities. It ensures your children have fun with friends, at the same time learning the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. The programme helps your child improve their communication skills, build their self-confidence and develop valuable social skills.

It’s a fantastic, healthy, way for kids to get out of the house. Kids love being active and of course it’s cool being with friends. The usual verdict is "it was brilliant!"

Clifton College Kid’s Clubs – 3-13 Years of Age

This summer, Clifton College in Bristol are hosting their popular kids’ clubs, with a group suitable for all ages between 3-13 years of age. Each club includes a wide variety of activities all with the aim that your children enjoy themselves and learn different skills on the way. 

The Mini’s Kids’ Club (3-4) 

focuses on personal development and interaction with others.

The Junior Club (5-7) 

focuses on encouraging children to pursue their interests and develop their skills through their own choice of activity. 

The oldest club, the Kids’ Club (8-13)

promotes self-expression, confidence building, offering complete flexibility and choice of involvement. Of course, all three groups offer FUN, with activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor play and even afternoon swim sessions (Kids’ Club and Junior’s Club).

Prices for all kids' clubs at Clifton College 

- start from £22 for half a day and 
- £44 for a full day. 

The Mini’s Club started from 6th July 2018 while the Kids’ Club and the Junior’s Club started on 9th July 2018. Feel free to join at any time. For more information, and to book online please visit

An example of a day in Clifton College Minis Kids Club

Minis Holiday Club

Minis Holiday Club is for 3–4 year old children plus 2 year olds who attend our nursery during term time and is based in Clifton College Nursery. This provides a stimulating and creative environment for young children during the holidays. Qualified and experienced staff will support children to engage in age-appropriate activities with particular attention paid to personal development, interaction with others and, most importantly, fun! Minis must bring a packed lunch each day.
Typical Day Timetable
0800–1000 – Arrivals, Early Play including Arts and Crafts, Games etc
1000–1030 – Registration and Chat Time
1030–1130 – Playground and Games
1130–1200 – Optional Activities
1200–1300 – Lunch
1300–1600 – Outdoor Play/Free Play/Adult-led Activities
1600–1800 – Departures, Stay and Play and Quiet Time
*Above is an example of a typical day and should be treated only as a guide. Variances regularly occur as staff adopt a flexible approach to meet children’s needs.

This post is a collaboration

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Getting More Organised For The Summer

Life has just gone up a notch. We've now joined a weekly BMX class to add to football and dance class AND we've also joined a completely new Football Club. Deep breath. For long time readers you'll know Aaron's been cycling since he was three years of age so you won't be overly surprised, except the missing part of the story is that hubby put me on a cycle ban when pregnant and it scuppered Aaron and I cycling everywhere. Also, so too did the presence of a buggy when Lottie came along. Alas I discovered via the BMX class that Aaron's cycling skills have suffered as a result but we're now both fully committed to getting him back where he was. I'd say from just 1 hour Tuesday night he's 85% there. It did break my heart though to witness it taking an hour to get back to where he was four years ago. Aaron on the exact same track 4 years ago, just with a different bike and more confidence: Aaron cycling 4 years old. There's something about being 8 years of age - it's like he's more self conscious and unsure of himself, but I'm definitely alongside him to ride it out and LITERALLY.
The football club we joined last night is a proper club as opposed to the weekly kick about he's done every Friday for FOUR long years. So hallelujah to not having to give up my Friday nights anymore (I'd already done that for 6 years as a Yoga Teacher) but we still have to go tomorrow to our old class, to finish the term as it's trophy night. We only tried our new club yesterday but we already have a tournament of matches to go to Sunday. Talk about going in at the deep end. And I thought with tomorrow being the last day of our school term, I thought I'd be looking forward to a slower pace of life for 6 weeks but as our new football club continues throughout Summer obviously that's going to be far from true. No harm though as Aaron's got so much stamina he'd be climbing the walls otherwise.
BUT there is a silver lining and that's after tomorrow NO MORE SCHOOL RUNS. I hate the school run with a passion. I have a "thing" about lateness or rather punctuality. So if you want to get my heart racing put me and 2 children who need to be at school on time in the same room. I mean don't get me wrong we are NEVER late. But sheepishly I tell you I cannot say the say for my stress levels. I could however say I'm never sane. Except of course when I'm asleep. I fully chill then of course. If only I didn't have to be horizontal to do so!!!!!!!!!!
So in an attempt to be more "organised Mum" and less running from the seat of her pants "stressed shrill Mum" I think it's time for a noticeboard and some other organising aids, like actually PUTTING things in an ACTUAL diary even if it is just online (and preferably so so that I get the reminders and can share it with hubby. I know the organised amongst you are probably gasping or at the very least taking a sharp inhale at the fact that we don't already use one. Well yeah, now you know why my memory is gone and my brain is FRIED. The hard drive of my brain is burnt out too busy thinking for four people. No harm in practicing good habits in the 6 weeks leisure time ready to be fighting fit for September though when the doors to YEAR 4 open. I really want to get Aaron up to academic excellence so we will be doing some book work, the 3 Rs, all through the Summer.  It does make me laugh that the 3 Rs are 

reading writing and arithmetic

... given that only 1 of them begins with an R. Clearly spelling doesn't always matter LOL.
And the Whiteboard notice board above could be used as a visual aid. I know in learning Aaron is very visual so to be able to do daily to-do lists on a white board through the Summer would be invaluable even if it was just a schedule starting: "book work 10 - 12, lunch 12-1, Nintendo Switch 1-4.....  I just have to get him into a habit where he EARNS his Nintendo Switch Fortnite time with academic book work time. The only thing that's getting my goat is we have the same teacher next year and I'm worried she may have already pigeon holed Aaron. I don't know how to get her to look at him with fresh eyes in September and not just assume his academic skills will have got rusty over the Summer. I play on practising his handwriting, and reading and maths/timetables all Summer even if it's just an hour a day.

Anyway this is my life currently (even last night whenever he wasn't actually playing football he'd just break into dance. Him and his BFF were both new last night and they both kept doing it whether it was Hype or Floss or Orange Justice etc... The other players just looked on. It didn't help that professional players were doing it during the World Cup so they are now role models and they're like sod what our actual peers think. But yeah life lately is like this:

Friday, 29 June 2018

There's a Woman Under There

Since becoming a Mum I've done that thing some of us Mums are prone to do; I have 100% neglected my appearance. It used to be okay if I occasionally did this in the past as I would have the odd reboot or chance to change my ways, from 2004 to 2010 that came in the form of my annual 8 day yoga retreat in France, which kept me detoxed and my weight under control. Looking back at pics from those days I now want to reclaim that person and her radiance. Also I did many years in fashion retail and the need to be on brand meant I had to fit in the product which became self regulating. The biggest, forgive the pun, thing to change my figure once I got bigger pre-motherhood, was a diagnosis of Candida in 2001 from my Chinese Herbalist. Once I read up on it and made the many necessary dietary changes I lost 3.5 stones relatively quickly AND painlessly. I literally shrank and dissolved and lost it everywhere, even those places that are traditionally hard to lose weight from. If I wasn't breastfeeding I think I quite fancy doing it again, but I am reluctant to do anything drastic when Lottie relies on me. Surely she'd benefit from my diet containing more nutrition and less empty calories though?!?!
Me on the right at one of many European Yoga Festivals - I was a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Me putting on makeup was and is a very rare thing and when I do, it's Bare Minerals all the way which has a really positive effect on my skin. Not that I have ever had acne or anything but it just seems to recharge and renew my skin, which reminds me it is too long since I've last had some on.


Even putting on jewellery is something I am only recently making a conscious effort to do. Usually it's ear-rings a bracelet and a chain. I made the decision to start doing this more often when Aaron changed schools. I just decided new school, new school gates, new me. But it's kind of the only improvement I made.


Rather terribly, clothes are limited by what fits and what's clean. My priority is always the kids. How they look and whether everything they own still fits. I have so many old clothes that are gorgeous but of course none of them no longer fit. Only today when I was looking for my sleeping bag for Aaron's movie PJ night at school I came across lots of gorgeous Monsoon tops but they're all annoyingly size 12 and I am firmly (or not so firmly) an 18 now, even though I often yo yo between 16 and 18. Currently my size 16 jeans don't fit so I am permanently in leggings. I haven't even bothered to shave my legs so I even wear leggings under my dresses. 


Having been a SAHM for many years now, manicures (and leg waxes) are firmly OFF the agenda, but ONCE a year I treat myself to Shellac on my feet along with a luxury pedicure. I literally make it last all Summer and then let it grow out during Winter whilst it's hidden under socks. I do look ridiculous if I go to an indoor pool during Winter when it's half on and half on. I have done this which my friend Helen can attest to. That with the hairy legs is SO not a good look - I've particularly realised this over the last 4 weeks, during my Love Island addiction LOL.
After years of reading about angels I finally got a white feather of my own


Once upon a time, literally, I used to have a Debenhams card and I'd be in there buying perfume and makeup, even more regularly during the years I worked ON Oxford Street, before I left retail that is and sought promotion to Head Office retail purely so I could escape the unsociable hours. Glad I did though as that is what saw me get into HR funnily enough with the foundation of everything I'd learned on the shop floor which was actually a very beneficial grounding. Anyway I knew my perfumes back then and had several. Now I literally only have a bottle of Cool Water that an in-law was kind enough to buy me for Xmas. Did you know that The Perfume Shop is on Groupon? No I didn't either.

Body Shape

I am currently an apple having been a pear for many many years. Finally the size of my bust has caught up with the size of my ass and I don't know if that is a good thing but I blame breastfeeding LOL. But having a tummy flattening swimming costume is beneficial, so much so, that despite the cellulite I am going to post this:
I know it sounds really vacuous but I now have a Love Island addiction despite having never watched an episode prior to the current series 4. I think when it's finished I may even watch the 2 series that are on Netflix LOL. I have to tweet throughout the show too and stalk Instagram for gossip surrounding the show and "contestants" there. I've never been a fan of reality TV so I am surprising myself to be honest. Watching the show hasn't made me completely forget that appearance isn't everything to me, never has been even in my vain days back when everything coordinated in the 1980s ha ha. But it has made me realise how very much I've let myself go. It's the oddest thing though - I had a great figure at University but I was SO self conscious I fully covered it up all the time and yet now whenever I am not on the school run I am in my back yard dressed as above, despite my wobbly bits, despite my 45 years, despite my cellulite AND my hairy legs. I even had 14 people in my garden this Wednesday for a belated birthday party, a pool party, for Aaron and yet I still went round in just a cossie. Unfortunately it wasn't the costume you see above though as my friend accidentally took it home, so all those people saw me in one that was a lot less flattering *cries*. Ironically it is the cheaper of the two, that looks better, as above. The unflattering one was 3 times the price - the one above is only Florence and Fred but has a good effect on my bum and boobs :-) My friend Aleks took some pics including that one, for me in the garden yesterday. My favourite is this one of Lottie and I below. I didn't get any pics of me the day before at Aaron's actual party. We couldn't resist getting in the pool again though as we're having the hottest longest heatwave since 1976!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Aqua Wipes and What We Love About Them

We were sent 5 packets of Aqua Wipes. I had no prior knowledge of them and no brand loyalty but I was a convert within literally a couple of wipes. So much so we used those bad boys for everything and they didn't last long. When I say everything... this includes my face of course.... but not for makeup removal but because shortly after they arrived there was a heatwave and oh my.... they are bliss.... cold... when you told them to your forehead and all over your face and neck. First slowly, to just absorb the coolness and then more movement to get rid of the daily grime. I also smugly used them on the windscreen one day. Imagine reduced visibility due to dead flies (may they rest in peace) and me getting out of the vehicle to "wipe" the window. Daddy then practically has a fit and says "do you know how much LOTION... THOSE THINGS contain?!?!". I knew he'd never seen heard or used an Aqua Wipe in his life and therefore didn't have the 1st clue that they are full of WATER, so I just looked silently smug as it gradually dawned on him there was in fact no smears nor no residue on his windscreen. One point to Mumma all the bonus points to AQUA WIPES.

Oh and I also gave a packet to Lottie's nursery who loved them so much they bought more when those finished also remarking on how lovely and refreshing they are when used on one's face.

I am highly embarrassed to say I do not have my usual plethora of well thought out colourful photos to go alongside a review, because not only did we use them like it was a race, but the packet I had saved for photography reasons, Daddy used without my knowledge. It's fine it was FOR nappy changes but he does a nappy change if I'm busy or asleep which means I didn't see him getting through them so couldn't stop him le sigh. So I guess I could be like a beauty blogger and show you my empties as that is the biggest endorsement of all isn't it. We loved them, Lottie loves them and the planet loves them.... unlike the other water wipe on the market, they aren't too wet either. Which means the packet feels like the weight of a normal packet of wipes when in your hand or bag. They're also fully biodegradable hence my mention of our lovely planet.

Unfortunately, currently, the only way to buy them is via Amazon, but you Dear Reader may like to buy everything from there anyhow and may have an Amazon Prime account, which means very fast delivery indeed. For your ease of use this is the link on Amazon below. It is not an affiliate link and I have not been paid to promote this product - I was just simply sent a few packs to see if we loved them and love them we truly do. I don't ever write about products I don't love as I don't agree to review them in the first place. I decided to give these a try and just like with the Be Sensible waterproof sheets I am THRILLED that I did. There's a water theme running through here.... running.... water..... get it?!?!? I am that person who laughs at their own jokes always. #SorryNotSorry

What the company has to say about their Aqua Wipes:
Aqua Wipes’ revolutionary wipes contain more than 99% purified water with an organic aloe vera extract formulation, which uses zero plastic based materials. Used by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and registered with the Vegan Society, Aqua Wipes is created with sensitive skin types in mind to care for even the most delicate newborn skin, as well as our planet.
Let's face it newborns do leave the house sometimes and it's not always convenient to bring a bowl of tepid pure water and cotton wool balls EVERYWHERE - wish I had emojis on here to included a LOL one!
Behind the BrandAqua Wipes was born after Founder, Dr Mark Little’s daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema. At the time, it was very difficult for them to find products that were entirely natural or had minimal chemicals, so as not to irritate the skin. They set about creating a baby wipe that was not only natural but kind to the most delicate of skin. Combining purified water with coconut cleansing agent and organic aloe vera extract, Aqua Wipes was born.
For more information on Aqua Wipes and the full story behind the brand go to 

Alternatively, you can find Aqua Wipes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Do We Appreciate How Lucky We Are?

Living in the United Kingdom, one of the richest economies in the world, is something that many of us completely take for granted. While nothing is perfect and there is still far too many people living in poverty in the country (just one is too many), by and large we enjoy a much better way of life than many who are surviving day by day in developing countries.

Our most important national treasure is certainly the National Health Service - aka the NHS - something that is admired the world over. When you think that even in countries such as the United States of America, or as nearby as Ireland, citizens are expected to pay for medical cover, whereas a small portion of our taxes funds the NHS, it is enough to make you stop and think.

Medical Fees

We have all heard horror stories of medical fees accumulated in other countries for what we consider to be standard treatments. For example, without medical insurance in the USA, the cost of removing an appendix could cost as much as $180,000 in the most severe cases. That kind of bill could financially cripple a family’s finances. Here in the UK, however, we know that no matter when we are in need of medical assistance it is there for us. There is no need to wait for the patient to okay the price before action is taken as the fees are already taken care of. Nowhere else in the world do you have that privilege. We even have a C-section - I have had 2 - without considering that it costs the NHS more than £10k just for one (look at how many people are in the room). In Ireland people pay upwards of 50 Euros just to SEE their GP and that doesn't even include the medicine that may be prescribed.

Developing Nations

While Americans can be forced to pay astronomical prices for medical care, millions of people do not have the option at all. In developing countries where poverty is rife it is not uncommon for men, women and children to go without even the most basic of care. Vaccinations are not widely available with the majority that are supplied by charitable causes that rely on the donations of people in different countries. Through this giving, procedures such as cataract surgery, dental treatment and preventative measures can be administered.

Never Take the NHS for Granted

It can be easy to take the NHS for granted, but we really shouldn’t. Not just because what the service as a whole offers, but also for what every doctor and nurse sacrifices and gives over and above in the course of their day to day duties. Regularly working long and unsociable hours, NHS staff do what they do because they care and that should never be overlooked. For them the job is a vocation. There is an argument that NHS staff are grossly underpaid and, while we certainly won’t dispute that claim, we will leave that for another day. The fact of the matter is that there is a workforce that works tirelessly day and night for one reason only – keep you and me healthy. No nasty hidden charges, no ulterior motive and certainly no one that is driven by ego.

Think Before You Complain

Is the NHS perfect? No, but again we will leave that discussion for another day. It isn’t perfect but would you trade our health service for anything else on offer around the world? I certainly wouldn’t. We should feel thankful that we have the NHS and appreciate how lucky we are that we have such a service to depend on in times of need; a service that is there to look after us and our loved ones in the darkest of moments, barely expecting a thank you for doing so. Never forget that.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Our Very Wet Half Term with Only my Smart Phone for a Camera

Over half term my Sony Cybershot camera wasn't charged at all and as I blissfully focussed on recharging myself and having fun with the kids I opted for using the smart phone for all photos. I didn't even go near my laptop bag let alone my laptop to get the charger. In fact this is my first time on my laptop in I don't know how long. Very handy having all of my half term pics on the phone actually as it meant they were in the right place for ease of Instagram posting. 

I really needed speed with the pic below. This is what happened... Friday we headed off to our favourite sunny play spot Hengrove Park but because Aaron was using my phone charger before we left my smart phone was only on 30%. I took lots of photos and videos on arrival at the park, of course sharing to Instagram stories too, meaning for the last couple of hours at the park my phone was dead. Which in a way was nice as I then connected fully with the kids instead of looking at them through a lens. Hengrove Park kicks out strictly at 6pm though so off we went soon enough and I connected my Samsung Smart Phone to Daddy's car battery - glad I did as I had a lot of messages from my friend Not A Perfect Parent. Lottie and Lola are only 10 days apart awwww. When we stopped near home to get slush puppies I put my smart phone onto power saving mode and I think thanks to the car charger it was at about 9% at this point.

We went to a park near home so that Daddy and Aaron could play football as none of us were quite ready to go home yet on such a glorious evening considering it had rained since the close of a beautiful day in the garden Monday. Back to Friday: Lottie and I played on the swings and slides. Just as she got bored and we joined Daddy and Aaron, Daddy threw her in the air. I was transfixed, captivated in the moment and didn't even think to video or take a pic. Except suddenly I came out of my daydream and was like "Daddy can you do that again?" to which he proclaimed he was tired. He went to do it again but baring in mind we'd been in the park for over an hour and it was now 19:43 my phone screen was dark and only on 3%. Had it not been on power saving mode, it wouldn't have even been able to take a pic. I pointed my phone at Daddy throwing Lottie and all I could see was a black screen. Couldn't even tell if I had them both in the shot if at all.

We pulled into the driveway and by this time my phone had been connected to the car charger a couple of minutes and simultaneously my smart phone hooked up with our home Internet and BOOM I realised I had captured the below. My excitement was like nothing I've experienced with my photos before. Baring in mind it was already on my phone, I couldn't get it onto Instagram quick enough. By this point it was 20:15 and I'd only taken the pic at 19:43. I didn't even have chance to fully absorb how stoked I was with the pic before the comments and likes were already streaming in and it was top photo on #FlyingBaby.

I knew that half term was going to be mostly wet as it was forecasted to rain Tuesday Wednesday Thursday (and did with lots of thunder too) so on the Monday I was sure to get the paddling pool out, as we hadn't actually done so this year yet. Given that my Mail Online pic last year was with Aaron, I made sure Daddy got one of Lottie and I this time (funnily enough it's a very similar time of year so maybe I'm not as late getting the paddling pool out as I thought):

#Gift She won't remember that my legs were whiter than milk🍼 or that my boobage was trying to escape my swimming costumeπŸ‘™πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ”. She'll just remember that Mummy doesn't stand on the sidelines but gets in the water. Today wasn't actually scorching as it was so overcast ⛅so she needed the odd cuddle. With that rubber ring (a snip at £1 like each of the Mr Men beach balls from @onlinepoundshop ) she was even able to lift her feet off the bottom and swim around like a lil 🐳. So this was us just a couple of hours ago πŸ“Έby Daddy. Aaron had fun too as you'll see in my Instagram stories. πŸ’™πŸ’¦πŸ’™ Oh and I won't be buying any #KimK flat belly lollies any time soon πŸ˜‚ 🍭 Oh and I say gift about the lil Poundshop haul which included the 3 inflatables. The pool was bought and paid for many years ago and I can't recommend it enough. Oh actually technically Lottie's cossie is a gift too as we got it at the FEARNE @bootsminiclub launch #PaddlingPool #BodyConfidence #Swimsuit #BankHolidayFun #Outdoorsandhappy #MyHappyCapture #LovelySquares #MeAndMyGirl #Summer2018 #BeachBodyReady #InTheGarden #LifesTooShort #LifeCloseUp #BeInThePicture
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Obviously by "made sure" I mean I made a conscious effort to pass my phone to Daddy etc... as he wasn't in the pool with us. Apart from pics I request my trainee Instagram husband to take, I can obviously take as many or little as I like but alas that's normally me taking pics of the kids and then I'm not in them.

After having the pool out Monday, as pictured above, only to watch it being rained on for the rest of the week, I then emptied the dirty water Saturday morning (the day after the lovely Friday "out" we had above that resulted in the flying baby pic) and couldn't fill it up quick enough so excited was I that we were going to get a couple of days of sun after all before half term finished. Aaron and Lottie were like fish all day Saturday and Sunday and were outdoors way more than they were in. I didn't take many pics as I always worry my phone will get wet or fall in the pool but I was thrilled to capture this moment where Aaron is looking at Lottie adoringly and she is thrilled to have her feet off the bottom floating. Inflatables are a MUST when in water. We got 2 beach balls and the rubber ring she is wearing below and above all for only a pound each from the Online Pound Shop. I had a code to buy them to review. Being at home for 2 days meant I did 7 loads of laundry and what I'm over the moon about is they are all dried, folded AND all put away. I'm now more or less up to date and this morning was easy as Aaron's wardrobe and underwear drawer were both full which was a lovely feeling. Now I've caught up on the laundry I want to try and stay this way. If we'd had days out I'd never have pulled it off. Good weather doesn't always have to mean gallivanting - I didn't feel like getting in a hot car only to spend a fortune on cold drinks anyway. It was wonderful having a holiday in our own back yard. Our paddling pool is years and years old we've had it since our London days but it's been getting lots of compliments - I can't recommend it enough actually.

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Wednesday 30th May, one of the rainy days, we headed off to JUMP soft play with Rachel in Real Life. As it was wet the world and his wife had the same idea so we queued for a very long time and even though Jump is a place we normally spend the whole day in, they were doing 2 hour sessions to cope with the half term rush. It was fine actually as it was dry by the time we left so we got some time in the park. We'd actually been to Jump the week before too, as Aaron broke up Tuesday 22nd and started half term with 3 inset days, so waking early for school this morning was indeed tough.
A rainy day hence soft play day out with @rachel_irl today. Aaron was so excited to be with her boy Cheeky Chap rather than his mere Sister who he gets more than enough time with he spent most of the day overly excited and showing off. Pretty obvious we broke up Tuesday 22nd... He must have had some kind of "I've missed being a boy with another boy" fever. Well at least after soft play we went to the park and he got to climb trees (quite literally) rather than being indoors climbing the walls. I don't think I managed to get a decent photo of him what with his less than cooperative mood 'n' all. Thanks for a lovely day Rachel. Us girls were well behaved at least. Suffice to stay Aaron is on a tablet ban for the foreseeable..... . . . . . . #MyHappyCapture #thisisMyCommunity #LovelySquares #my2YearOld #SoftPlay #rainyDay #HalfTerm
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I don't mind that my "proper" camera started and ended the half term break "dead" - even now I haven't charged it. Carrying around one device was more than enough and you know what, my smart phone might not be great in reduced lighting but I'm always happy with the photos it takes in the great outdoors. Lighting as we know in photography is EVERYTHING!!!

All in all it was a beautiful restful half term and just what the doctor ordered. Very wet though either with rain and thunder or in the pool. Maybe we needed some water in our lives LOL.

How did you spend your half term? I think we fitted more into this half term than we have in some longer school breaks (Easter for example) but I guess it helped we broke up Tuesday 22nd May with those 3 inset days. Anyway after lots of lay-ins and late nights Aaron is going to be SHATTERED tonight but he has dance rehearsals after school. I guess I will have to be swift with dinner and bedtime so he can have an early night.