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So the reviews I am proudest of all tend to be of day's out:

First up, Thomas Land review which has had over 30k views.  I spent 8 hours on that review including making collages and editing You Tube videos but it was clearly well worth it.  We've actually been again since then, so I need to do another one, with even better footage but it's trying to fit in the time!  My highest viewed blog post is about sugar which has now had over 20k views!!!! I guess I should write about that more!

The most recent review of a day out was of The Gruffalo Live which we saw on 23 November 2013!

My review of Westfield Stratford being child friendly got a lot of views during the Olympics!

One of our ultimate favourite places to go is Paradise Wildlife Park - a review I need to add a lot more to, but it's great as it stands.

I love reviewing days out (normally not compensated) as I want to come up on Google search results as I love nothing more than saying "I went and it was great but here's what you need to know!" as I did with my recent review of: Harrods Santa's Grotto the URL of which has already had 1k views, not including those read via the homepage.   I paid for travel, food, £28 for photos (not compensated) just genuinely wanted to get home and share our day with the world!  I was always like that as a person even before I became a blogger.  I'm that person who comes up to you to tell you something I have decided you need to know, or when you look lost and in need of directions.

I enjoyed Lollibop 2013 and it was a superb day out for Aaron.

We also love to review places we have stayed:
I am particularly proud of my review of Featherdown Farm - take a look, it includes a great video!
We've also stayed at the Drayton Manor Hotel and
The Shoreline at Butlins Bognor Regis.

Worked with Collective Bias:
I love working with Collective Bias and really enjoyed reviewing Kenco coffee for them.  This video is the sort of thing I could do for you.  I also reviewed Cadbury twice with them, once for a "Date Night that did not go to Plan!" and the other for a "Pool Party!"

Product reviews:
I am a lifetime fan of Ariel, but when asked to review the new 3-in-1 Ariel Product I did admit it brought back my son's eczema.  I adhere to the principles of authentically reviewing where I will pass my views and opinions on to my readers.  It means when I say a product is amazing it *really truly is so! *for me at least!

Thanks to a recent Dream Toys day out, I got to see many toys all under one roof.  My stats kind of went through the roof when I published my review of the day, due to their release of a top 10 toy list for Christmas!

I put together a Christmas Toys List for a 3 year old boy based on what Aaron likes!

A new thing for me is reviewing toys, so I will be doing a lot of that in the coming weeks.

One of the best ways to get your product(s) out there is to hold a bloggy event
Tesco finest* recently did just that! Wow! Goody bag was a hamper!  That event led to me making a You Tube video called Pasta Man, as my favourite product that day was the pasta and I videoed an expert talking about it!

You Tube
You Tube is an important part of any blogger's life and I will be developing my channel even further - it also goes under the name of New Mum Online.

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Thank you!

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