Friday, 9 March 2012

100 Word Challenge

I am taking part in the 100 word challenge for the 1st time.

Not sure how to turn the badge below into a linky though.  It should take you to here.

The visual prompt for the 100 words is this beautiful sculpture from the Eden Project:

And the 100 words I have come up with are below.  Bear with me, I am no writer!


Am I a horse?
or a sculpture?

Does it really matter?

Am I made of rubbish?
or precious things re-used?

Does it really matter?

Can you see straight through me?
or you stop and stare?

Does it really matter?

Am I a male horse?
or a mare?

Does it really matter?

Am I slow?
or fast?

Does it really matter?

Will I let you ride me?
or leave you in my wake?

Does it really matter?

Am I cautious?
or daring?

Does it really matter?

Is my first effort at this linky good?
or bad?

Does It Really Matter?


  1. I think this is superb, but does it really matter? ;-)

  2. Welcome to the 100 Word Challenge. I thought this was great and look forward to seeing more of your writing over the coming weeks.

  3. Hi, very effectively done- the "does it really matter" repetition works well.
    I like how you approached this. Look forward to reading more of your writing in future challenges ;)

  4. In my opinion, this is a great response to the challenge. But, does my opinion really matter?


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