Wednesday 7 March 2012

The Gallery - LIGHT


Bit of a * late entry * for this week's The Gallery

Well I just looked through my photos and Tara was quite specific about meaning natural light.

Although we have had some Spring filled days of late, before the recent spat of coldness (where'd that come from? I have the heating on again!) I haven't got any nice "light filled" snaps from the recent good weather.

But guess what? I did not have to go far back.  Does anyone remember that hot day we got when it should have been Autumn? In fact I think it was more like a whole hot weekend. Very hot!

Well.... these photos were taken on 3rd October 2011 yet looking at them you'd be forgiven for thinking they were taken mid-Summer.

(Aaron goes very brown in Summer).

My official submission for The Gallery

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  1. such lovely natural light photos I loved the autumn sun that we had, it seemd to last and last with the warm weather to match :) x


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