Saturday 12 September 2009

Can't wait to have my bump

Spent the day with 2 friends today: Siobhan and Fiona.  Siobhan has a gorgeous 1 year and 9 month old.  He is fabulous - such a pleasure to be around.  A wonderful little boy.  Really enjoyed playing with him today.  Siobhan is pregnant with 2nd child and s/he is due in December toooooo.  We all think she will have a girl this time.

Seeing Siobhan with her bump so confirmed that I can't wait to have mine.  Was so lovely to spend the day talking about babies :-)

What a lovely day, and Siobhan made us a fabulous lunch and a cake that she'd made last night that was to die for.  It had banana and nuts in it.  She said it's a Nigella recipe and promised to type it up and send to us.  I just have to make it - never tasted anything so delicious.  I'd definitely have been prepared to pay £3.50 a slice - YUUUUMMMMMMMYYYY!

I am on day 13 of my cycle so really hoping for a successful month.  Fingers and toes crossed,

Off to bed now.  Night night.

Liska xx

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