Saturday 5 September 2009

Fertility Books


This week I have got hold of 2 books.  I purchased Pregnancy Miracle (via Victor as I don't have a Pay Pal account).  Pregnancy Miracle is very good; it's an e-book.  Don't think it is worth the full £28, but it is very good.

One of my yoga students has leant me The Fertility Diet, which I have flicked through since yesterday and it resonates with me so so so much.  I know dairy is bad for us, and I know that maintaining an alkaline PH balance is key to life and those philosophies I have always believed run throughout the book.  Recently I have been drinking loads of tea and coffee, and I now read they are bad for ovulation and have a contraceptive effect on the book, so I will be giving those up.

A quote from page 18 of the book:

"Quit the caffeine.  I know this is tough, but caffeine interferes with the normal cell replication cycle.  Basically, instead of allowing the cell its usual pauses to check quality control, the presence of caffeine encourages the cell to "skip on by" quickly, possibly overlooking cell errors.  By the time you have read about the contraceptive qualities of coffee and tea in Chapter 5, your favourite cuppa may not look so appealing anyway".

Bye for now, watching the omnibus edition of Coronation Street.  Since writing the above, I have flicked through the Pregnancy Miracle again and it also says to avoid alcohol, caffeine and dairy.  Where it mentions eating dairy, says should be organic and from sheep or goats milk.

Liska x

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