Saturday 16 January 2010

Feeling very pregnant and baby doing summersaults


Sorry been so long since I have been on here.

Baby started moving for the first time on Thursday 7th Jan 2010.  It was just before 13:30 and it was like 2 air bubbles pinging.

Then nothing Friday and Saturday.  Yet she moved on Sunday and has moved ALOT every day since.

Now it doesn't just feel like bubbles.  It feels like reality.  A wee one doing summersaults in my abdomen.... and it is making me fall in love with her.

Every time I mention it to hubby he goes doey eyed.  She will be SUCH a Daddy's Girl.

Oh....... speaking of girl! We have the 20 week scan on Monday 18th Jan and we WILL be asking to find out the sex.  I know it is not 100% that you get it, and if so, not 100% that it is correct but it would be lovely to know.  We would both love a girl.  Everyone psychic I know has said it is a girl..........

What else can I say...?  Well I feel REALLY pregnant now.  In Tesco hubby had to do the food shopping on his own as I just spontaneously had to sit down!  We'd been out shopping all day and I could not take 1 more minute on my feet.

Anyway, bye for now......

me and bump


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