Tuesday 7 December 2010

Disturbed sleep once again...

Aaron swaddled asleep in the hotel travel cot September.

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So again we were up in the night... from 4:30 to 6:30.... but we then slept till 11.  Breastfed him from 4:30 to 5 in our bed... he was then in a deep sleep so transferred him to cot... even through the sleeping bag his back could feel the cot was colder than our bed so he woke immediately... so off to the sitting room where I breastfed him from 5-6 - he continuously sucked but was dozing... Bottle at 6 and bed by 6:30

So it is a few nights since we've both slept through.

I have so much to do for my Mum coming I would rather have a good night's sleep and get up earlier.

Then when we got up at 11, I breastfed him for over 30 minutes and then gave him his usual 180 ml bottle... he only drunk 90 ml, and then loads of what he did drink, came back up... so either (a) what he had in the night had him still full OR (b) he got a good amount from the breastfeed, but I never quite know how much he gets :-(

The joys of combination feeding.

I am going to try and stay off this computer today as there is just too much to do with Mum on the way and Christmas round the corner. And this blog is getting toooooo addictive...


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