Saturday 4 December 2010

He slept through again last night - 10 hours

Okay so I remembered something..... ANOTHER reason he slept through on Thursday night........ As it took me sooooo long to get him to sleep, out of desperation I put him in with me (hubby was on nightshift) so he had the duvet AND a 2.5 tog sleeping bag on him...

So after I wrote yesterday's post and remembered the above, I thought the bath and an additional bottle alone may not work, but I didn't want him in with me again as I don't want to create bad habits.

So...... what's a girl to do?

Well... I found the solution..... He has a duvet of his own that one of my closest friends made for him by hand - it is a patchwork quilt :-)

So I put that on him..... on top of his Ikea sleeping bag ... 2.5 tog...

See below:

He slept from 1:15 a.m. (yes it took me hours to get him to sleep)...... until 11:15 a.m. this morning................   :-)  that's 10 hours and I slept that long tooooooooooooooo...

And even though he'd gone all night without breastfeeding or a bottle he was still in a good mood when he woke up AND he had not kicked the blanket off (it was firmly tucked down the sides).

This is how neat and tidy he looked at 11:15:

He was smiling just before I took this.  Oh you'll also see that his sleepsuit has cuffs you can pull down over his hands.  Before I took the above photo I had already taken one off... they are a great idea, as with the sleeping bags their hands get cold - even with a blanket as they sleep with their arms up in the air.

I wish all his sleepsuits were like that but I think I have 6 or 8.  They are from George at Asda.

The Ikea sleeping bag he was wearing last night, looks like this:

I think keeping the hands warm with those pull down cuffs is really good so I am showing a close-up here:

Liska xxxx

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  1. I'd give anything to go back to this as he is now co-sleeping with us due to colds and teething and bf on demand through night like he's a newborn :-(


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