Tuesday 22 February 2011

Baby Wearing at 8 months. Moby Wrap.


Just a quick note to say that we are still baby wearing despite Aaron being 8 months.

He was 8 months and 1 day in this photo.

Moby Wraps can be used from 5 pounds to 35 pounds.  And Aaron is not exactly a light baby; he was 9 lb 10 oz at birth.

Unlike the "rucksack" type carriers, the weight IS evenly distributed between shoulders, waist, back and legs.  As he gets heavier I feel it in my legs, but like a workout rather than a strain.  I keep hearing that the other type (non-soft) carriers, hurt one's back or shoulders.  Not so with Moby.

I'd be lost without it to be honest.

Talk soon,
Liska x


  1. Hi Liska, This wrap looked really good when I met you the other day and I'll definitely be looking into getting one for my new baby boy! Always good to go on recommendation!

  2. We've been trying to work out which wrap to go with - you certainly do look comfy!

  3. I've got the lovely Ergo and despite the fact that it is a bit of a mission to get her in, me and CK both like it once she is strapped to my back and ready to rock! I love it - such an improvement on the bjorn, especially now she is over the old 9kgs limit. Yay!

  4. Like Mummysquared, I have the Ergo too. We LOVE it. DD is 19 months now and we still use it. It's essentially for flying too - she always sleeps in it now she's too big for a bassinet. And I agree, it's so much better than the Bjorn, which killed my shoulders!


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