Friday 11 February 2011

Dear So and So

Dear Calpol,

You rock! You have really helped with the whole teething scenario.  Thanks so much, couldn't have done it without you.  Occasionally you worked for the whole 6 hours.... Sometimes we needed a boost of Provin to keep Aaron going while we waited for you.  And sometimes... when the pain was less he may go 8 or 9 hours without your help.  NOW we are on day 4 of not needing you, but I have bought a spare bottle, to keep you close at hand for the next time you are needed.

Liska & Aaron


Dear Sandra,

You are one of the best friends a girl could ask for.  I quite simply do not know what I would do without you.  I want to know where you are hiding your wings as you are truly an angel, and heaven-sent.  You were there for me on Tuesday as if you were my Mum.  You looked after me and my flu, and that meant you looked after Aaron.  I lay on your sofa, as I was so sleep-deprived, but sadly sleep did not come, but the rest was so appreciated.

The lunch you made me was like medicine after 3 days of only eating soup and toast and having zero energy to cook.

You accompanied me to work on Wednesday, and again that meant looking after Aaron.  You wiped my tears after I found out why I was there.

And... you have agreed to look after my precious beautiful boy when I return to work.  You are probably one of only 2 people I would trust him with.

My true friend, I love you.  And, Aaron does too.



Dear work,

Yes, you have no choice, BUT I so deserved better, and 100% more respect.

It's clearly now a man's man's world.   But please please please DO NOT insult my intelligence... oh too late, you already did!



Dear Hubby,

I need more support.  Both emotionally and with real things to do with the home and Aaron.
And when I ask for it I don't want to be dragged over hot coals for the WAY I asked...

I can no longer go on the way we have been doing.

Things need to improve.



Dear Mum,

For now, you are still in the bad books.  I don't know how long that'll be the case, but sadly that's the way things are for now.




At the moment you are my sanctuary.  My hide-away corner.  And for that I am grateful.


Dear So and So...


  1. I am glad you have so supportive friends!

    And a very cute little boy!

    (thanks for stopping by :) )

  2. Liska
    I just ventured onto your blog through Dear So and So.
    Your son is adorable and reminded me of how my daughter now 2 slept as a baby we used to call it the Frog... i hope you get that much needed support : ) without the hot coals exp. xxxx

  3. Oh Liska, great letters - thank goodness for Sandra.
    Big hug to you (I could write a similar letter to my mum at times). when I have problems at work, I think, oh well I have a child at home now, this really isn't that important - works for me. hope you had a fab weekend, you deserve it xxx


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