Sunday 20 February 2011

Inside the Wendy House just tagged me to do this here.   It is called Fill in The Blank Friday and is hosted here.  A website called "the little things we do", which I have just discovered via being tagged.

This is hard for me, as I have to put down this laptop and look after Aaron, so I have tried my best to make them heartfelt (in a rush).
1. I am: a mother for the first time.  A wife for the first time. A daughter (the no.1 repeats again as I am an only child).  A Yoga Teacher, a lover of all things Japanese, and I am Irish (despite being born in London).... No! Don't argue with me on that one!

2. The bravest thing I have ever done was: get pregnant, considering I have always been scared of labour.  Then braver still (for me) I went through 18 hours of drip induction, without an epidural... before then having.... a C-section, which resulted in a full spinal block anyway.... oh the irony.

3. I feel prettiest when: a picture, like the one above, captures something I couldn't see in the mirror.

4. Something that keeps me awake at night is: worry and/or Aaron.  We spent most of December and all of January co-sleeping and breastfeeding every couple of hours.  He's back in his cot now, which allows for more sleep, but the lack of night feeds has really effected my milk.  So many things in motherhood are double-sided.

5. My favorite meal in the entire world is: anything cooked by hubby.  That's a post Aaron thing as I really appreciate a meal cooked FOR me.

6. The way to my heart is: through laughter and honesty.

7. I would like to join: the gang of ladies who have a sponsor for Cybermummy.  Sorry, I know it isn't life changing but it is current and honest.


  1. Thanks for joining in Liska...number 3 is beautiful!! As women we are so critical of ourselves, but that photo is beautiful and you look so proud and happy! Hope you find a way to get to Cybermummy...I'd love to meet you!!! XXXX

  2. Awww how lovely Liska, that photo is gorgeous. A great list. I'd love to go to Cybermummy too but haven't been brave enough to put together a sponsorship post xx

  3. That is a stunning picture of you and little sleeping Aaron and I know exactly what you mean about having a meal cooked for you xx

  4. I love this photo of you and your wee smasher! I'd love to go to Cybermummy as well, maybe next year.

  5. That's such a lovely photo! I'm totally with you on No.2, and No.3 is just wonderful. I too would love to go to cybermummy, but as a virgin blogger, I think it would be quite scary. I wonder if I will feel like that next year? Loving all your stories and posts. Nice to meet you ;o)


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