Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Gallery - Education


I was going to give the gallery a miss this week, as the prompt is "education" and I didn't really want to post a school photo but couldn't come up with a clever alternative.

I mulled it over last night, and once again this morning, and sadly decided to miss out this wek.

But then I remembered photos I had from when Aaron was a newborn where he showed enjoyment at looking at his first book for the first time.  It is a fabric book that is attached to the bars of his cot.

The different reactions as I turned the pages were priceless.

I believe that traditionally, the source of a great deal of education can be found in books, so I guess this book was the beginning of Aaron's exploration into the world of books, a journey I will encourage him to continue.

If you DO want to see a school photo of me, go here.

Those photos of Aaron were taken on 1st July 2010.  How time flies!

Liska x


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