Sunday 13 March 2011

Silent Sunday - part II


Well my Silent Sunday photo (post directly below this one) was taken Thursday 10th March when the teddies had an AGM chaired by Aaron of course.

Well things heated up, so it was followed by an urgent Board Meeting today.

Urgent Teddy Board Meeting

Being that it was a Sunday, Aaron was in his leisure time (with shorts on) and not really dressed for a meeting, but this was convened at short notice, for crisis talks due to a teddy that needed putting back in his box.  He'd gone one step too far, and the other teddies thought it needed addressing.

As you can see, Aaron - while he listens to the teddies - has the lid in his hand, as he hasn't quite made his mind up yet.

Should he:

(A) put a lid on it
(B) listen to what the poor teddy in the box has to say
(C) tell them to sort it amongst themselves and go and enjoy his Sunday


Liska LOL

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