Wednesday 2 March 2011

Simple Pleasures - The Gallery


This week's Gallery theme over at Stick Fingers is "simple pleasures".

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It wasn't hard for me to choose what to feature here.  I get sooooo much delight from dressing Aaron, which is particularly poignant as I thought that would only be the case if I had a girl.  But I love buying his clothes and coordinating them.  And I don't normally spend a lot either.

I thought I'd have to trawl through the archives because I dressed him in a hurry today as we are popping over to a friend's, but the outfit turned out photo worthy purely by chance.  I put a navy long sleeve t-shirt together with beige combats and thought "they don't really go!" but then I was hunting round for socks and his navy ones were in the wash so I ended up putting on 1 of his many pairs of rattle socks (which I've blogged about before - initially a Xmas present from Rhona).  Anyway, they are navy but the monkey that rattles is beige, so it brought the outfit together a treat.  And how much pleasure did THAT simple thing give me......... LOADS... BUCKETS full :-)

I love to see my son looking good, and that's even if we are not leaving the house.  It is for me, for him, for the delight of it, and it makes lovely photos which I can enjoy looking at for hours.

Anyway, doing this post is delaying us getting out so I need to get a move on...

Oh I just have to post this picture as I never ever have and it's from December I think.  The first time Aaron wore a suit:

And for something un-Aaron related, one of my simple pleasures is getting a bargain and sooooooooo much better when it is something I was buying anyway. When I did my Tesco online order for delivery on Monday, my favourite shower gel was buy one get one free so I bought 10 and my favourite tipple - alcohol free beer - was half price so I bought 4 packs of 6. I got into that when pregnant and still drink it due to breastfeeding. Sorry but bargains are definitely a PLEASURE and definitely SIMPLE when it's on an order you were getting anyway and items you were getting anyway. Yep makes me feel mighty fine.

Bye for now,


  1. It's amazing what a bargain can do, makes up for the times you see something in the sale not long after you have bought it! :-)

  2. Hahahah....your posts always make me smile Liska :) Go you with all your shower gels! You can't beat a good bargain!

  3. Aaron has a suit!!! So cute, it makes me want to get Edward one :)

    I can't believe you bought 10 bottles of shower gel. You have room to store them all??

  4. Great bargain hunting and gorgeous Aaron! Pleasures indeed!! xxxx

  5. Aww Aaron is such a cutie! I love the suit :)


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