Wednesday 9 March 2011

Wii Fun


I am sitting on the sofa watching TV, having just finished my lunch and REALLY enjoying some me time as Aaron went down successfully, in his cot, for his afternoon nap, which he's doing a lot lately. Good boy.

Anyway, just remembered I never did a post about 27th February when I spent the afternoon playing Wii with my Sister in Law.

It was special for so many reasons...
we didn't speak from 2007 to 2010.
we only started speaking again because of Aaron.
and we had so much FUN!

Oh my God, I cannot remember the last time I had that much fun and I tried so hard, I was as red as a beetroot, as sweaty as a marathon runner and my arms ached for days, but this was the result:

But, once she had me knackered, after beating her several times (I peaked too early) she started beating me.

But then once the competitive stuff was done we started dancing, still on Wii, but I don't know the name of the game.

Anyway it encouraged me and hubby to dig our Wii out of storage from the spare room, and we've had fun with it.

I need to have fun with Sandra on the Wii, as I tried hers the other day, but it was a Michael Jackson dance game and I just didn't get it, so I got a bit serious and analytical.

But Wii can be so so so much fun.

This is not in any way a sponsored post; just me rambling while Aaron's asleep :-)

Liska x

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  1. I love our Wii, wish we had more games. It can be real family fun!


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