Saturday 16 April 2011

Busy busy busy....


So I have promised myself we'll be busy and enjoy my days off..... so last week we spent Friday at Jenny's enjoying her garden with Edward. Saturday we only went for a walk.... but Sunday we were out all day including a beautiful Sunday lunch.  Aaron was asleep by 8:30 that night due to all the fresh air.  Monday he had his first trip to a soft play area.....

So what about this week.  Yesterday was VERY busy.  We left home at 12:45.  Popped into work so everyone could see Aaron.  Ended up doing 2 x tiny bits of work while there.  We then had lunch with a colleaugue who's just left.  Then all the way to Snappy Snaps by Underground to collect the canvas, and then Oxford Street where we both had dinner in the John Lewis restaurant. Then home.  Aaron was exhausted and asleep by 21:20 (which is early for him, and considering we'd slept in till 8:30 and he had 2 good naps during the day).

This was Aaron in John Lewis:

From 12:45 to 20:45 Aaron was in the Moby Wrap sling because I could not face negotiating the escalators and stairs and tube with a pushchair. Although I did have to buy a rucksack in John Lewis as the nappy bag was destroying my shoulder...

Liska xx


  1. Wow 10 months, so nearly a year! you seem like you have settled into working now? it's a whole new ball game but sometimes being busier is better.

    Right in answer to your questions...

    No I don't work in London anymore (otherwise I would have called you up!). I used to work in Harley st and walk loads to the train station so I had loads of excuses to gorge on food. I could easily spend between £7-10 a day, I also used to buy all the gossip mags for the train journey, to the point I ran out of ones I gadn't read :-/.

    Now my packed lunches are very boring. Just a sandwich, cereal bar and fruit. I work a long day and usually take a ready meal then if I don't have anything beforehand ie. lasagne. I find I don't need to eat so much now. I know breastfeeding makes you hungry. You should make up salads and take lots of snacks...but every now and then treat yourself! xx

  2. I don't know how you fit in so much! If I have a day off it's gone before I've had chance to do anything!


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