Friday 1 April 2011


Confused... (3rd or 4th post of the day...)

Just read this, and it says:
start more bland foods, such as rice, rice cereal, and bananas. 
That's what Aaron had.....
For a general guide, as your baby's stools become more solid, so may the diet. 
He did his first poo today...

So why the vomit??? Is it a simple case that his stomach's shrunk, and a bowl of cereal plus a whole long banana was too much???
we suggest you switch to a soy formula for two weeks while the intestines have time to heal. Intestines that have been damaged by severe diarrhea cannot digest cow's milk. 
He's been on Cow & Gate Infasoy since a few weeks old. And breastmilk (which he's had every day including Wednesday and Thursday when there was no V and D)....

Back to being a worried Mum now and he's out cold asleep on my knee.

It's 14:12 now, and before he went to sleep I gave him calpol, as on top of everything else, he started to cry with teething pain.



  1. Poor little thing. Sounds like he is having a tough time and you too. Hope he gets better soon x

  2. When Fred's sick I just stick to breastmilk. He'd vomit then latch straight back on, but it's the most natural thing for him to absorb. Hope he gets better so you can stop worrying soon :(

  3. Sounds like you're having a horrible time :(
    Hope things improve soon xx

  4. I think Wendy's idea is a good one. Breastmilk is probably going to be best for him at this stage as it's so digestible. It can take a while for them to get back to normal after D&V so feel free to take it easy. It won't be doing him any harm. Hope he's better soon.

  5. Oh dear, what a hard time of it you're both having! I hope he starts feeling better soon (as he seems to be in the update - fingers crossed it continues).


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