Friday 1 April 2011

Fast to Breakfast


Well Aaron woke at 830 and at 8:45 had a 120 ml bottle - his first since Tuesday....

So his fast (from formula) is over and he's had breakfast.

I hope and pray he keeps it down.

During his fast he had breastmilk (although the volume does not compete with a bottle) and last night he managed 3/4 of an Organix Jar so I knew his appetite was on the retun. I've posted every day regarding what he ate so it was not a fast, just a break from milk as recommended by my Paediatrician Sister-in-Law and the GP.

He is his bubbly old self now, and me & Daddy are anxiously awaiting his first normal bowel movement - we'll know he's fully better when we see that :-)

So fingers crossed we have a normal day.

I had so much planned for this week and it all went out the window - the joys of parenting.

Thank God he got sick while I was still off work as all he wanted was his Mum.  A couple of days ago he spent hours on my knee with no attempt to crawl or do anything.

Welcome back Aaron - Mummy missed you.  But Mummy really really enjoyed the extra cuddles.

Liska xxx


  1. glad he is on the mend! It's so horrible when they are ill, you feel so helpless. Have a great mother's day weekend with him. ;)

  2. It's good to hear your little boy is feeling better! Not so good for you as it was your last week with him before work but you got lots of extra cuddles in! I dreaded work but it's not nearly as bad as you think. Just the little things like going to the loo in peace and fully enjoying a cup of tea make the difference when at work! I work 30 hours and still blog so you will manage it (although I can't put as much effort in as I would like). You will find a way once you have settled back into work. When do you start? xx


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