Monday 11 April 2011

First time in a Soft Play Area


Well in January (in Ireland) we went to a soft play area but Aaron wasn't crawling yet and he remained in the sling (Moby Wrap) the whole time we were there, watching my cousin's baby toddler playing.

Well TODAY we went to a UK soft play area for the first time and it was so special.

I think Aaron really enjoyed it.

There were 2 groups of Mums there each consisting of 3 mums (with babies) and listening to their conversations made me realise I STILL don't feel like a MUM yet - what is that about? It is a club that I feel on the outside of....... Maybe because I never go to Mum and Baby groups or anything like that.

On the forums I was on, I was always on threads with supportive Mums, and the blogs I have gravitated to are the same...... but normal Mums....... I don't relate to them.  Sorry do not sounds stronger... I do not relate to them.

Anyway, hoping someone will leave a comment that will help me clarify what I am trying to say..... Actually it's dawned on me... I don't like FAKE Mums...... but I can't put my finger on what I mean by fake... someone help me out please.

Anyway back to my bubble of beautiful Aaron. Here he is:

First time at soft play and loving it - Mum's big clever boy xxx


  1. I don't go to any groups either. Glad Aaron enjoyed his day. Not sure what you mean by fake Mum's though Liska x x

  2. Looks like Aaron was enjoying himself!

  3. I need to find a local soft play area for Lawi too... seems like fun, especially as he's trying to crawl now.

    Fake mums? Might these be what my hubby refers to wrongly as yummy mummies, which I told him I'd like to be, but what he meant is, mums who don't seem to pay attention to their kids when out and about - let kids run riot and don't keep tab on them, very well manicured, you wonder how they have time to be etc?

  4. Aaron looks happy and well adjusted and in the long run that is what is most important.

    I think it may be that I relate much better to the male species, but I wouldn't be able to relate to the Super Mom type. Being quite happily "childless by choice", I can only go by what I see and remember, but decades do change things. So often I see moms that are talking on the cell when they could be making memories. I remember my mom teaching us our numbers using the prices at the grocery store when we were barely walking. Can't do that when you are chatting and tossing items in the basket while the little one waits for your attention. Oh, well, that's just me. Hugs!

  5. Jacquie they were definitely "very well manicured"... and I am so so so so NOT!

    I don't know... I just didn't/couldn't relate to them... I prefer friends who've got babies rather than babies who've got Mums if that makes any sense at all.......

    One of them's boy was 14 months and asked how old Aaron is. When I said he is nearly 10 months it totally threw her as her boy was smaller... it's not a competition... that's it! I can't bear competitive Mums, that's what it is!

    Aaron was 9 lbs 10 oz at birth and has always been big - even my bump was called "large for dates".

    Liska xxx

  6. I started off going to mum and baby groups and I had to stop it was actually depressing me! A lot of the mum's I came across were so competitive and would say horrible things to me. My favourite sound bite was "we were so lucky with our wee one that we aren't having another, it would be just our luck to have one like yours!" to say I was gutted would be an understatement! So I totally get what you are saying. xx


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