Saturday 9 April 2011

Hhhhhmmmmmm - H is for Husband

Soooooooo I go for a very late afternoon walk (despite it being a warm day it was starting to get cool) with baby & buggy to cheer myself up and what do I daydream about..... the myriad possibilities for Aaron's first birthday party and it gives me a spring in my step... I am brainstorming and imagining the fun and laughter....

What spookily and coincidentally comes up in a conversation with the husband when I get back......

"blah, blah blah..... for the same reason he won't be having a big first birthday party..."

I said "Oh yes he will!"  to which I am told "what so you can put pictures on your blog about it!"

Oh my blood is boiling and my heart is broke! Where's the nearest Solicitor?

Liska x

P.S. Aaron will be ONE in June. (In the same conversation I was told we will no longer be going away for a weekend in June, and that we haven't been getting on for 3 months.  News to me considering that things were good for weeks after Valentine's Day!) Life can only get better I suppose.....

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