Saturday 23 April 2011

I'm Still Mad - about the Mad awards!!!


In the unlikely event that you haven't done your MAD nominations yet???? the deadline has been extended till:

5pm on Monday, 25th April 2011

If, you are yet to vote, the category that I think I like is Best Baby Blog.  Only because, this blog is 90% about Aaron, and he is my Best Baby :-)  He meets the criteria in that he is 10 months (to qualify, you have to be less than 12 months).

If you are a regular reader and I know there are silent people out there who read and don't comment, please consider nominating us at:

According to MAD "The Best MAD Baby Blogger award recognises the writer who has made us smile and coo with tales of the ups and downs a new baby brings". 

Watching Britain's Got Talent so must dash :-)
Liska xxx


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