Monday, 18 April 2011

Picture THIS!!!

Soooo.... I am walking along the street minding my own business...
The only chance I get to daydream, when Aaron's in the pushchair...

And I see something, from a direction I am not expecting, out of the side of my eye...
And I look and THIS IS WHAT I SEE....

He seemed as shocked as me, but when we smiled at each other, he then looked like this

The camera was conveniently hanging on the handlebar of the pushchair. We don't go anywhere without it.

Today that walk was the only thing we did, to get staples from Boots, as I spent the day doing housework and putting washes on the line... etc...

Had to remotely manage a disciplinary in the morning though.... (but we didn't get up till 9 a.m. bliss).

Liska xx


  1. That's hilarious! He obviously wants to be rear facing so he can see you!

  2. How sweet. He just wants to be able to see his mummy! x


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