Friday 22 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

Reasons to be Cheerful
  1. I don't feel cheerful that it's a long weekend, as I work Tues, Wed, Thurs, so makes no odds to me.  In fact makes me gutted that everyone has the same as me this weekend.... first Easter in my working life where I don't benefit from the BH.  BUT it does mean the husband's off for 5 days which is good.  It's funny, I can sense other people are off, as when I woke it felt like the weekend where it normally feels like a Friday.
  2. I've settled into work, and am now really enjoying it.  Feeling very productive.
  3. I am really excited that someone at work, may be about to get an internal promotion that I put them up for.  The interview is today and I am crossing my fingers and toes.  Back with an edit.  He passed that stage with flying colours.  One stage left....
  4. I'm so cheerful about the good weather and the long bright days. The weather's been exceptional.
  5. I am starting to feel excited about Cybermummy but I'd still like to find a sponsor and MUST lose weight before then.

Liska xxx


  1. Enjoy your 5 days with hubby xx

  2. Good reasons. Email me on as may be able to point you towards a sponsor that wanted to sponsor me but I cannot go now.
    My reasons are over at

  3. Very jealous about everyone who is off to CyberMummy!!! Good luck getting a sponsor!

  4. Love your reasons, I really wanted to go to cybermummy, I found a sponsor but then that week tickets sold out :(
    The Scrummy Mummy

  5. Gish, do not even talk to me about losing weight for CM, I am just not thinking about that!

    Hope you are having a fab time over this long weekend.

    Mich x

  6. Hope your Fab weekend continues.

    I work Mon, Tues, Friday so i booked this Tues off, hence a 2 week holiday! Oh, I may use that on the blog ;)

    Downside; nursery is closed but they do still love to charge.


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