Friday 27 May 2011

Baby: Living in a Flat


How about you live in a flat, and you are having a baby, for the first time...

Do you run and decorate the nursery?  Not necessarily, and not if you are me.

Our 2nd bedroom is a study and is full of 2 bookshelves, sofabed, desk, computer etc... etc...

And we knew baby would be in a bedside cot with us for 6 months anyway, so what did we do?
I asked hubby if we could decorate our bedroom instead because it had always been the only room in our flat that I hated - I hated the decor we'd inherited from the previous owners.

This picture shows the "gutted" room on 13th May 2010 (and Aaron was due on 7th June 2010 although he was later than that)... As you can see the new curtain pole is up, the feature and other walls have been painted etc.... Next comes new carpet, new bed and new wardrobe.

Our new (Ikea) wardrobe.... (It's a beast).  Hated the old ones.
Bedside cot and new bedlinen to go with new decor.

All this decorating and purchasing of new curtains and new bedlinen actually happened last Summer. We did it just before Aaron was born, so it was probably some time round about now as Aaron will be ONE in a couple of weeks.  Maybe that's why I am feeling nostalgic...

So we decluttered which saw me give EIGHT Ikea bags of clothes to the charity shop - THAT charity shop did very very well as there was a lot of Monsoon clothes in there to name but a few...

I had my heart set on an Ikea wardrobe with sliding doors (pictured above), where you design the inside yourself.

It has enabled us to accommodate all of Aaron's stuff in our wardrobes.

They say Barack's car is a Beast, well this wardrobe is a Beast. We are talking like 3 metres wide (half mine half hubby's) and I can't remember the height but it's floor to ceiling.  It's like having a fitted wardrobe.

Anyway I am giving you a sneeky peek into my home now, but the bloody thing is so big I couldn't even stand back enough to get the whole thing in:

Daddy's side on the left with fabric shelves hanging for Aaron's stuff

Vests are on top, then next shelf is PJs, then jeans, then bibs which he no longer uses, then muslins which he no longer uses and finally a shelf of bedding.  Above all of this is a wardrobe shelf and below is a wardrobe drawer (neither of those have Aaron's things in).  I told it... it's a tall wardrobe.

Aaron has his own rail below mine. Excuse the mess!

Dad's side's on the left behind the sliding doors.

Close up of Aaron's rail which also shows the built in drawers...

The only mistake we've made is that because all of this works so well, we never did get round to clearing the second room to do as a nursery. When we did our room, we thought we've got SIX long months to do Aaron's room. Needless to say those 6 months flew and as a result Aaron is still in a bedside cot (although half the night he is in with us) and the second bedroom IS STILL a study........!

Oh dear, he'll probably still be with us when he goes to University - joking!!!!

Liska xxx

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