Wednesday 4 May 2011

MomenTUM - Monday Mum Tum

And there we have it.........

I just gave up......... Motivational Monday was already taken and I gave up........ how can I stick to weight loss if I give up so easily BUT..... Claire kicked my but in her A (much needed) Kick Up the Backside post.

And I had a 5 minute brainstorm with myself and here we are........

We will give each other daily momentum! and we will do a weekly Monday Mum Tum check in.

What do we think ladies?

Liska xx


  1. I love it! Monday Mum Tum has a ring to it! So we will post our progress/feelings/plans/pains etc on a Monday. What is the daily momentum part? Through twitter or blog or comments or a mixture?

  2. love this. Monday Mum Tum check ins.... extra sit ups on Sunday for me now I think x

  3. Monday Mum Tum sounds fantastic! Going to have to start exercising now! x

  4. Loving this. We will all be the super fit skinny ones with no signs of Mum Tums at cybermummy hee hee xx


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