Sunday 29 May 2011

MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum

Hi All

First, I must say this Blog Hop is open to all Mums with a Mum Tum, on a mission.

Either, write a blog post about your Mum Tum mission and put a link to it in the linky below, OR, if you are reading and you have a Mum Tum but don't have a blog, then tell us your story in my comments section.  You don't have to have a blog. Perhaps you have a Twitter account though? Either way, join the Momentum crew.

Now, what's my story this week?

I have decided that I am a fraud.

I started this MomemTum thing a few weeks ago and have lost pounds ZERO since then.  I blogged about being in my size 16 jeans a few weeks ago, when the ones I have worn for the last couple of years have been size 18, well...... it must've been a "light" week, or a fluke, as today, the size 18s are TIGHT. I blogged on 8th May that I have been 95kg for the last couple of months, not my normal 88kg. Well I weighed myself yesterday and am firmly 95kg despite weeks of MomenTum - that's why I am most certainly a fraud!

I saw this post at Michelle Twin Mum's Mummy From The Heart blog and took a similar photo today, to show you just how bad it is.  I need to meditate on this photo and do something about it:
This is me - it is NOT a Google images photo, and the jeans are 18!!
That's another reason I am a fraud, as I left a comment on her post saying that I would do it for both of us, and I have done NADA.... In fact since I became more earnest, I have eaten worse and I mean alot worse.

I was slimmer last Summer when I had just had Aaron.  My Mum was here and I was buying loads of healthy food on and we were having extremely healthy lunches and dinners and now I just don't cook.

In fact while I am writing this I have just had a fresh cream slice (because they'll go off today) and a muffin for the same reason.  That'll be my lunch now. THAT is outrageous and I didn't even buy them.  The husband did. But because he has a sweet tooth! But if they are there, and I don't have time for lunch I will eat them.

BUT I am spending the time I could be making a healthy lunch writing this blog post.... which is just so ironic it is laughable.

I haven't done an online Tesco order in weeks, and that day we went to Tesco (that I blogged about) well most of the healthy stuff from that shop went in the bin unused.

I am just a disaster at the moment and really need to sort it out if I am to run this blog hop with any authenticity or attend Cybermummy looking half way decent.

Two weeks ago I blogged that I would cook every day in the coming week, I didn't...

Last week I blogged that I'd made a dish..... haven't cooked since then.

I have been grazing every day on RUBBISH.  And stress at work has seen me reaching for all the nasties and drinking too much coffee.

At the Nivea and Ubisoft event I was told to purchase a couple of things for my candida and I haven't even done that yet.

So I am shameful and don't even deserve to be in this group.

At this rate I'll be hiding instead of going to Cybermummy.

So I either sort it out or give up and I already know this week at work is not going to be any better....

So over to something positive.

At the Nivea Event I had a free consultation with Hilary Kingston from Think Nutrition

She said:
  • I need to give up sugar and coffee
  • My candida is back
  • My body won't take a loss of sugar very well so substitute with fruit.
  • Purchase a product from Revital that is for the adrenals (as she said I have extreme adrenal fatigue which is caused by too much "fight or flight")
  • I was supposed to text her for the name of the product and haven't yet!
  • Get onto a probiotic - also haven't done yet.
  • Order "Silver Shield" which gets rid of Candida - also haven't done yet.
  • All of this means I am retaining fat! I know!
  • All of this means I have bloating! I know!
  • All of this means I have brain fog! I know!
So I need to do the things she told me to.

When I had Candida and severe IBS in the year 2000 I gave up ALL SUGAR in February 2001 and by June 2001 I had lost 3 stone and looked fabulous! I went from a size 16 to a size 12 and I know how to do it and I know I could do it again.

WHAT is stopping me? Is there emotional baggage stored in my fat cells that I want to hold on to? I would not be surprised........

Is it a self esteem thing? WHAT is it?
I used to be a Yoga Teacher for goodness sake.

Anyway I have ranted and self obsessed enough.

So over to you lovely ladies to tell us your story.

Lots of love from the fat one.

Liska xxxxxxxx

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