Monday 9 May 2011

Monday Mum Tum

Hi Ladies

How did the daily momentum go?  For anyone reading this who doesn't know... there is a group of us trying to lose weight together to lose our Mum Tums.  It is no coincidence that the word momentum has the words "mom" and "tum" in there.

We give each other a nudge or a kick or simply a reminder by being there, on Twitter each day.

We are:


We all want to get back in trim or in Alyson's case, simply maintain (which as we all know isn't always simple).

We all want to look good for ourselves, but also for Cybermummy :-)

A few of us have blogged about our reasons for doing this:
  • Me here
  • Grumpinator here
  • Would Like to be a Yummy Mummy here
  • Mummy and the Beastie here
  • Alyson here
So, what is your Mum Tum.  Mine is twofold.... Flab above the waist and a Caesarean podge (above my scar) below the waist.  I know I can get rid of the former but quite concerned about the latter.  For this reason I would recommend a natural birth to anyone who can do it.

Made me LOL when I said twofold, as it is more like three :-)

So in this first Weekly Monday Mum Tum what would I like to say.....?

I would like to say that I got into a pair of size 16 jeans this week and I am simply thrilled about that.  I bought them on 2nd April in a "return to work" shopping trip.  I was devastated when they didn't fit, but after the stress of the shopping trip I could not admit that to the husband so for the last few weeks have been wearing old jeans to work.

They now fit.

Does that mean a goal is ticked off? Yes, but nearly, not quite.....

They fit! But there is a lot of muffin top action going on.

So the new short term goal is the muffin top and the long term goal is still Cybermummy.

Oh and the other goal is the fact that before and after I had Aaron I was 88 kg, but at a recent trip to the Doctor's I was 95 kg, so my short term goal is to deal with that before anything else.

Now that I am in the size 16 jeans, I would like to be back to the size 12 I spent my teens and twenties being....... can I do it, yes I can! But, how long will it take?  Watch this space....

I used to blog a lot about weight loss on my old blog Liska Life.

What's motivating YOU???

For me, it is my big arms:

Bye for now, Liska xxx


I'll now hand over to the other lovely ladies to give their Monday update.  

I am doing this on Sunday, as I am working tomorrow.  I know I usually work Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, but the reason that I went in last Friday is still there, so I am in again tomorrow.  And I want this blog post to be up in case the other ladies want to add their bit early in the morning when I will be busy getting ready for work.

Never done a linky before and it wouldn't let me tick the box for a blog hop which is what I wanted.


  1. You are soo organised. Am loving this. Just the support I need to keep going. It sounds as though your shopping trip was a bit of a disaster a few weeks ago but great news you fit in them now. I am in my old jeans too but they don't quite look like they did before. Have checked out your other blog and its great! :-)

  2. I went to your other blog again, I still love the socks on the scales! That made me laugh 'a lot of muffin top action going on' LOL. Muffin top is the bane of my life, good god I never appreciated having a flat stomach when I was younger! I too hate how my c section has makes my tummy look but I accept that's never going to flatten out. I shall update tomorrow (might even be organised and write later). At least when I have no inspiration for posts, which is a lot lately, I know I have this one! xx

  3. Hey lovely! Glad you are having a good week and that you are going in the right direction. I am enjoying the daily support on twitter, it's a great reminder. I had a natural birth but I have what I describe as a 'joey' pouch under my belly button. I'm not nearly as cute as a kangaroo though!

  4. Hey lovely mummys. This is such a fantastic idea. Will write an entry soon. Any of you based in London and fancy some buggy running? Trying to find motivation and would be great to have some company every so often. x

  5. Just found you through MultipleMummy, what a fab idea! I had 2 babies (both EMCS) within 13 months so am also trying to shift the mummy tummy! x

  6. Ah I made a typo with my own blog name!!! xx

  7. I am getting clever. I experimented and not only fixed the typo but also successfully turned it into a blog hop xxxxx

  8. I saw this last night but was on my phone and it wouldn't let me comment! Go you - they fit! That's amazing....*high five* Good on you ladies for all the motivation xx

  9. This looks great and well done on setting this up. Have added the link to my blog. PR mummy I am in London though sadly baby not young enough for buggy runs any more..!

  10. Good Luck there girly-girl. Lose it while you can, because it is truly difficult once you start the aging process. I am counting calories and working out five hours a week. I've lost 20 pounds since December. Since I'm closer to granny years, then to mummy years this is quite an accomplishment. You can do it, as you well know. It's just getting started that is the hard part. Good job on fitting into the 16's. As we say here in the States, "you go Girl!"

  11. I think I might have the answer to our prayers! The lazy girls answer to exercise hee hee.... toning shorts. They are shorts you wear that send electric currents down your hips, bum and thighs. I already have a toning belt and that's how I toned up after having my first.

    Anyway, I have been asked to review some and have another four pairs (was 5 but my Sister notyetayummymummy has bagged herself a pair already). Do you fancy trialling them with me??? Just leave a comment on my page or DM me if you do.


    Karen xxx


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