Saturday 18 June 2011

Boots Advantage Card: Treat Street


Boots "treated" us Mums on Thursday so that while they did so, at the SAVOY, they could inform us about Boots' Treat Street so that we could in turn inform all of you.

Well I was a little naughty and all I did was post my Vlog and some pics of the day.  My husband calls the Vlog a Vox Pox (whatever that is!) - I think that's what he said.

Anyway, now for the serious stuff.  What's it all about Heathcliffe?!?!?!?

Boots Treat Street
Their tagline is "Shop the high street online. Get points from Boots" and it is literally as simple as that.

When we arrived I asked them why they didn't invite beauty bloggers as opposed to Mummy bloggers and this was their answer:
67% of women have difficulty finding the time or money to treat themselves, which won't come as a big surprise to MUMS!
They also realise that we are quicker to spend money on others than we are on ourselves, and that is never more the case than when we become Mums.  Their aim is that if they give us points when shopping online, we may use those points to treat ourselves.

I also asked them why they picked US in particular as a lot of people on Twitter had more or less asked me that.  They said that they spent a lot of time Googling who was talking about Boots and whether we were influential and to be fair I have blogged about Boots a fair few times.

They have a lot of the big names on Boots Treat Street:
  • Clarks
  • New Look
  • eBay
  • Toys R Us
  • Waterstones
  • Monsoon
  • Apple Store
  • ... to name but a few.
They say it is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. Shop online with more than 60 great brands
  2. Collect at least one advantage card point with your purchases
  3. Treat yourself by spending your points in store in Boots.
I am going to try it out right now.

Right, firstly it asks you for your advantage card number, and then it says:
If you do not have an Advantage Card, please tick this box for an instant card. This will allow you to collect points immediately on your Boots Treat Street shopping.

At the moment there is a Summer Deals Festival until 3rd July.  It means you get 20% off New Look, Wallis and Joules, £20 off when you spend £250 at Dixons and 40% off Waterstones' top 100 paperbacks (for these discounts a code does come up that you then must remember to enter).

If you haven't shopped online with Boots before you will have to register.

Boots emails you within 5 days of your order, and then once 35 days have passed, to confirm that your points are ready to collect at any Extra Offers kiosk (found in larger Boots stores).

It even tells you on screen how many advantage points you already have (before using Treat Street) and I like seeing that info in my own sitting room without having to go into a store to a till.

There's also an opportunity to win a trip to Disneyland Paris here:

They thought the treat for us was having lots of cake in style at the Savoy, but what was also a treat was hooking up with other Mummy Bloggers.

I travelled there and back with Multiple Mummy.  I chatted loads to Super Amazing Mum, and Sally Whittle, and got to meet Cafe Bebe and Sabina from Mummy Matters for the first time.

Me and Kerry from Multiple Mummy even went and had a meal together after the Savoy, before we made a mad dash for our trains.  Pasta and a glass of wine - yummy!

Bye for now,

Liska x