Wednesday 1 June 2011

The Gallery - I am Grateful For


This week's theme at the Gallery is I am Grateful For...

I am going to blog about what first springs to mind when hearing this week's theme.

It is the fact that on Monday my Mother In Law came over to ours with my nieces and nephews. Up until now, whenever we visit her, more often than not, Aaron cries and there is no explanation for it...

But Monday we had a wonderful day, where Aaron shared his toys happily with his cousins and he seemed to love having them over and didn't mind one bit that they played with his toys.

When it came to dinner time, my MIL fed him in his high chair and they had so so so much fun giggling etc... which warmed me to the bottom of my heart.

So it must be true, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, even if he is 11 months old.

We always visit her and she hasn't visited us since October which I think has been an error as Aaron had no problem getting on well with her on his own turf.

Anyway it was a wonderful day and I cooked for all of them, which was like a teddy bears' picnic but I really enjoyed it.

So in line with the Gallery, here's the snap of Aaron enjoying his Granny, with me also enjoying the scene from behind the camera :-)

Bye for now

Liska xx

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