Saturday 4 June 2011

If you can't Lose it! Hide it!

Hi All

I want to enter this post into Karen's Blog Hop:

Make Me Yummy

In 2009 the husband and I went to Krakow in August, before we fell pregnant in September.  I blogged about it on my old blog here.

As it says, I was 13.5 stone then...... whereas now I am 15 stone :-(
A few weeks after having Aaron I was 88kg, yet now I am 95kg.

It is because, the last few months, instead of having 3 meals a day (like I did from his birth to December last year) I have been grazing on rubbish and not cooking. Also, I guess Aaron is breastfeeding less, which is having an effect - like it is on some of the other Mumentum Ladies.

Going back to work hasn't helped as it has seen me comfort eating to deal with stress.

Anyway, yesterday I wanted to wear a sleeveless top as it was very very hot.  This is where Krakow comes in.  When I went clothes shopping for that trip I bought 3 vest tops from Marks & Spencers and they were hold it all in ones.

Put one on under my top yesterday and this was the result.

You wouldn't know I was holding a 3-fold Mum Tum under there.

The effect is amazing, and I will have to do it more often whilst I am waiting for any weight loss to kick in.

Anyone reading this who thinks I am vain.  I have the frame of a 10.5 stone person and the body of a 15 stone person. It is not fun, it is not healthy and it is not good for my mobility or heart - it is NOT about vanity.

I want to be able to run around the park with Aaron when he's old enough to run.

I want to start doing yoga again.

Bye for now, Liska

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