Friday 10 June 2011

Memorable Firsts


I was tagged to do this meme by Sally Whittle from Who's The  Yes, that same lady who hosts the MAD awards, and runs Tots 100 and runs Blog Camp.... and I don't know what else (as I don't know everything).... I am very honoured as she seems to think I will come up with something interesting... so the gauntlet has firmly been laid down. She also prohibited us from getting all smaltzy about our babies...

First snog: Cormak when I was 4 years old.   I think we used to catch ease other on purpose in Kiss Chase - bet they don't play that today in the crazy politically correct world we now live in!  I moved house half way through my first year of school so it was not to last......
First job: During secondary school in the early years we were not allowed out during our  lunch breaks, and in the morning break everyone would be hungry, so I used to sell crisps.  I'd buy 12 packs and bring them in and sell them individually - crazy I know! But I am a little mad! I am the sort of person who would LOVE to go on the Apprentice :-)
My real first job was as a Cashier in Co-op where I pretended to be 16 when I was only 15.  Every time they asked for my NI card I pretended I could not find it.  Probably the only lie I have ever told in my life as I have a complex about being honest and can't even tell white lies!
First crush: A boy called Christopher. I was obsessed about him and even sent him Valentine's Cards.  I was only 11 or 12 years old and I don't think he'd even started liking girls yet :-)
First hangover: It was at University and I remember the night we got drunk, a Science student asked us if we were under the affluence of incohol.  I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever ever heard and kept repeating it and laughing for the rest of the night.  When we got back to our digs I fell over on the floor with my skirt in the air. Nice!
First gig: Michael Jackson's BAD tour when it was sponsored by Pepsi.
First blog: My first blog was called Liska Life.  It was started at a time when I was doing long hours at work and the name was short for Liska Get A Life! For a few months it worked and my blog was about things other than work, like going swimming etc...... It was very light hearted and I loved it.
Now I have to think of 4 of my own...
First computer: When I was about 11 or 12 my Aunt bought me a ZX Spectrum Plus (was the word Sinclair in there too?).  All of my my mates had Amstrad 64s.   If I remember it was just one or the other.
First tipple: I used to drink malibu and lemonade but the queues at the bar at Uni were too long, so I moved onto pints.... I know! How unladylike... and I never looked back till I gave it all up when we were TTC...
First dance song at wedding: Prince's Adore.
First medal: For Irish Dancing although I didn't keep it up for long.

I haven't got the energy to tag people, so if you are reading this and fancy it, jump on the bandwagon....
I'm off to my bed.
Liska xx

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