Monday 4 July 2011

Getting Off the Starting Blocks - Mumentum


Well I still haven't got into a groove with this weight loss thing, despite coordinating Mumentum.

Weeks ago I had 1 week where my size 16 instead of 18 jeans fitted but it was a fluke and have been wearing the 18s ever since.

The last couple of days all my jeans were in the wash so I put on a maternity pair and used a belt to ensure they were tight - what scared me was that they were tight on the thighs yet when I was pregnant (even heavily) all my jeans were loose on the thighs.  I ate healthily when pregnant, that's the difference...

So this week I want to make a difference and report a decent loss to you all next week.

My Mum Tum and large arms on display at Cybermummy (with @Grumpinator)

I am going to have to start theming these weeks or something, to give us some direction.

Maybe it would help to publish the facts - yet again:

Normally at my heaviest I am 88kg.

I am currently 95kg.

I have a triplicate Mum Tum thanks to a C section.

I am a size 18 lady trapped outside a size 12 frame :-(

Liska xx