Wednesday 20 July 2011

Pret a Manger is making me fat


Thanks to workingmumof4 I downloaded "my fitness pal" as an app on my smart phone and thank God I did...

She mentioned it again in her Mumentum post so it reminded me I should finally errrrrr start using it.

On the train home I thought let me enter the 4 pack of belvita breakfast biscuits I had this morning. I did it half heartedly thinking the app would not recognise them. Boy did I sit up and take note when it even listed the different varieties.

I sat up more straightly in my train seat and entered everything I had for lunch.  It even knew about the different varieties of Pret baguettes etc.......

Okay this is the dodgy bit.  Here is what I had for breakfast and lunch and haven't even had dinner yet:
  1. Belvita breakfast biscuits - sealed inner pack of 4 biscuits 216 calarories! and 8g of fat (2 of which are SATURATED)
  2.  At 10 o'clock 2 people were popping out of the office and I told them both that I was hungry and they both came back with food.  One got me pret stuff.  Bacon and egg baguette 370 calories! 17g of fat (4 of which are SATURATED)
  3. He also got me a pret muffin.  455 calories! 23.4g of fat (2.2 of which are SATURATED).
  4. At lunch time (late lunch) I was hungry again so went to Pret.  I got a small cheap egg and cress sandwich 513 calories! and 31.5g of fat (5.6 of which are SATURATED).

  5. I also got my favourite item in there which is salt and sweet popcorn.  492 calories! and 24.6g of fat (1.5 of which are saturated).
My Fitness Pal tells me that my calorie consumption TODAY ALONE is 2046 versus 1200...... and fat is 105g versus the recommended daily intake for me of 40g of fat.  I have told it I have a sedentary lifestyle, due to having an office job.

Anyway, then I remembered that the second person who left the office at 10 a.m. got me 2 bars of chocolate and due to a stressful day I ate them both and I am not even a chocolate person.  I haven't entered them yet, despite the results above - agggggghhhhhhhh!

Errrrr just added the chocolate and calories are now 2446 and fat consumption is 128g....


Anyway, I was a little disappointed by My Fitness Pal as my overload of calories totally confused it and it said I need to eat more, or I will lose weight in the next few weeks........

Anyway above was a valuable lesson and I have to totally rethink breakfast and lunch choices.

Thanks My Fitness Pal for the wakeup call.

Liska xxx