Saturday 6 August 2011

Weekend in Derby with Baby - long car journey with baby


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I went to Derby for a long weekend 8th 9th and 10th July, with Aaron and the husband.

It was my husband's best-friend's girlfriend's 40th - do you follow? :-) Still with me?

She wanted to celebrate in style with a posh weekend away in a stately home type venue - I THINK it had 16 bedrooms, and I can't remember how many of us there were, but most people had kids.

Well getting ready caused arguments, as hubby didn't have any sense of hustle on, so I took it slow. Which he didn't object to, until it was time to leave and he got VERY angry that we left so late.

He responded to this by errrrr spending half an hour in Tesco without telling me he was doing so.

First stop was within 5 minutes of home to get petrol (he never ever does it the night before, or during the morning while I am packing - ggggrrr) and then he decides we need food for the journey, so goes to Tesco and doesn't tell me how long he'll be. So I am playing in the car with a baby and time is going on and on and on. Because Aaron can walk, when he came back, he said I shouldv'e taken him out to stretch his legs, but I didn't dare, as I thought he'd be quick and that he'd be cross if he had to wait while I loaded Aaron in again.

So it was late when we got on the M25.

We got to the venue in Derby either just before or just after midnight!

We'd been on the road for just over 6 hours......!

And to be fair, Aaron was an absolute angel. He loves the car. I know, I am lucky. We did stop at services about 2 or 3 times. If you are doing a car journey with a baby for the first time, do factor this in, because if you stop for 40 minutes like I do, your journey will be loooong, plus we experienced a bit of a tailback at one point. So a 2.5 hour journey took 6 hours........

Anyway when we got there, it was an amazing house, with an amazing kitchen, decor and grounds.

Used the Trunki for all of Aaron's non food stuff - love it!

Still baby wearing at what was nearly 13 months

Amazing kitchen we had there

The grounds were spectacular

Stunning venue we stayed at

Aaron loved the open space and being able to run around. He started walking a few days after his first birthday and is quite good on his feet now.

This is a little video of him enjoying the open space - he doesn't often fall onto his hands like that.

I want to share a video with you of us doing a bhangra workshop on the Saturday afternoon, me dancing (with everyone else) with Aaron in the Moby Wrap (sling), but it is 3 minutes and 37 seconds, so too long to upload.

I know I could put it on You Tube and imbed it but I cannot get my New Mum Online You Tube account to work.  Ben trying for about 6 weeks.

I'll leave you with a short (32 seconds) video of the Trunki, as I was well impressed with it.  Used it for all of Aaron's non food items.  When I went to Xmas in July (organised by UK Mums TV) our goodie bag was the Trunki! and it was full of freebies.... a real goodie bag!

Bye for now, Liska xxx