Sunday 4 September 2011

MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum - Back to School (weight loss school)

Hi Everyone

Sorry I have been gone for a few weeks but I booked a last minute trip to Ireland to get a few weeks away before Aaron started at nursery.

So now this week the kids go back to school and we return to Mumentum.

My Aunt and I are starting a Monday weekly weigh-in tomorrow, so I will do a post about that tomorrow and link it here, to the linky below.

I hope you are all still around and ready to jump on board and welcome to anyone new :-)

For anyone new, all you do is write a relevant post and copy the link to it, into the linky below.  Then copy the code below to the bottom of your post as that is what makes it a blog hop.

I have lost the cable that links my camera to my laptop which is why I haven't done a post about Ireland, as it would be incomplete without snaps.

So, what is Mumentum about? It is about us ladies sharing momentum to lose our Mum Tums, hence the spin on words with MumenTum :-)

Liska xxx