Friday 16 September 2011

My Mum Tum on Display


The ladies who participate in my weekly mum tum Mumentum Monday blog hop will know that I am a bit of a slacker and yet to get into the weight loss zone, despite having successfully done so in the past. But then it was 10 years ago this year that I lost 3 stone and maybe I don't have the same discipline.

Anyway, every girl needs an incentive and I would say this photo is a good one. It is one of hundreds of photos that were taken in Ireland - me and Aaron went for 16 days as all of my family are over there.

Anyway, this photo perfectly demonstrates my Mum Tum and even shows the c-section "ledge" or "shelf" at the bottom of it. THAT is what I hate. That gives me a certain degree of self-loathing.

Here's the pic:

As you can see, I have slim ankles, slim wrists, slim feet, even slim shoulders, but then it is like a balloon that someone's inflated certain parts of. Like I am wearing a body suit that does not belong to me.

I need to lose it..... I need to get motivated!!!

My gorgeous gorgeous Aaron.  This photo makes me want to sing:

Liska xx