Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Gallery - Faces


This is my entry for this week's Gallery with the theme Faces.

Until I can communicate fully with Aaron, everything is about faces.  Carrying him via baby wearing, I have learned that.

I carried you and I loved you and you were part of me - with me

I hold you so close
Your face is near mine

You can see me
I can see you

Near me to kiss
I cannot miss

Your heartbeat I feel
Your smell is so real

I can’t let you go
Carry you where e’er I go

Your face in my sight
Just there, it feels right

Our faces speak the words in our heart
Until you can talk, communication is an art

Your face calls my soul

The smiles on your face
The questions on your face
The curiosity on your face

My life, your life, our life
Baby Wearing so convenient at the Airport (August this year)

Still baby wearing at 16 months