Saturday 19 November 2011

I am a Celebrity Meme for Mums


Kate on Thin Ice started this.

I then blagged a tag from Hello it's Gemma

So this meme is called: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Blogger Fun

The rules are as follows

1) Answer the 10 questions and consider the mission.
2) Tag a blogger or two or more to do the same
3) Come back to me and tell me you have done the questions and answers.

Kate on Thin Ice "tried to make the questions Ok for those who watch the television programme and those that don’t".

So here goes:

1. What one thing about being a parent makes you scream “Get me out of here!”
DEFINITELY when my husband is acting like a little boy. I then feel like I have two sons and no support and yes I feel like screaming AND leaving the country!

2. What skills, if any, do you have that would be useful in the jungle?
I am a born organiser even though I am untidy. I also have quite good leadership skills even though I am scatty. I frequently make people laugh which would be helpful when they are hungry or not had enough sleep :-)

3. How are you likely to annoy people in your were stuck with them for 3 weeks?
That's very easy - I would talk too much.

4. What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?
A hot dog when drunk in the late 1990s that gave me a 3 day hangover and a Delhi Belly!

5. What luxury item would you take into the jungle with you?
My Samsung smartphone!

6. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
Jumped over a till bank to deal with scammers.

7. Who would you miss most if you went into the jungle with a bunch of strangers?
Aaron of course

8. What celebrity alive or dead would you like to have with you in the jungle?
Gok Wan :-)

9. What would scare you about being in the jungle?
All the creepy crawlies.

10. After leaving the jungle, you go to a luxury hotel. What would be the first thing you did on reaching your hotel?
Long luxurious hot bath and a big tall cool soft drink. Then sleep in a proper bed.

11th mission should you choose to accept it is to tell us why the person who tagged you is a star.

Hello It's Gemma is a star because she writes in a really down to earth way that I can relate to. I have loved her blog for a long time now - now that I am back into blogging after a long summer break I better start reading hers regularly again...

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Liska xx