Wednesday 30 November 2011

How Old Are YOU?


The lovely Multiple Mummy recently wrote a post that made me question how old I am in blog years - they are a little like dog years, except you get more youthful the longer you blog LOL...

Anyway I started Liska Life when I was trying to get a life, with:

This post on 13/09/08

Then after 5 months of trying to conceive I started New Mum Online, with:

This post on 30/08/09

So I guess that makes me a mere toddler at 3 years old....... feels a heck of a lot longer I tell you....

Funny you'll notice my writing style change once I discovered the "community" end of 2010.  Up until then I blogged kind of in obscurity which gives you the freedom to write differently as you are not considering the audience, and unlike now, haven't met any of them :-)

Certainly my posts at Liska Life were often quite long, which I never have the balls to do now as I worry people will get bored.  Didn't care on my PND post though, as all my feelings rushed onto the page and my "edit button" was firmly switched OFF.


How old are you?

I tag:

If I haven't tagged you, feel free to join in, or join in in the comments.

Bye for now,
Liska xxx