Sunday 13 November 2011

We Love You George

Hi George.........

We went to your shop the other day (Friday 11/11/11) and we bought £60 worth of clothes for Aaron.

The highlights were:

This jacket:

As Aaron is a large boy at nearly 17 months, we had to buy it in age 2 -3 years and it fits just right.

Neither the photo above nor the one on the Asda website do it justice.  The RED and the NAVY are very vibrant in real life AND it is Thomas The Tank Engine.  It is a snip at £14 and this is NOT a sponsored post.  The minute I saw it on Friday I knew I had to have it.  The jacket Aaron's worn the last few weeks was given to us by Siobhan, and Aaron loved it, but I knew he needed another jacket, a shiny one for rainy days (as the other is brown chord).

We also got Pudsey Children In Need PJs which Aaron wore last night and they are gorgeous - they are a real snip at £8.  All three of the things I mention here, we got in age 2-3 years, even though Aaron is nearly 17 months, as he is a BIG BOY.  Do not buy the right size for a relative, if you know that they are large for their age.  Good tip: Aaron was 9 pounds 10 oz at birth and his percentile has stayed consistent ever since, with him growing all the while.

We also got this gorgeous top - it is slightly fleecy and has a pretend t-shirt underneath - it is very warm:

Again these photos and the website don't do it justice.  It has a wool (or brushed cotton) feel to it, which the website doesn't tell you.  THAT is what I love about it - as well as how very smart it looks on.  It looks expensive but is a very reasonable £6. I wish Aaron would stay still long enough for me to take a better photo of it.

Anyway we are VERY happy with the look, feel and price of our Asda buys.

Thanks George.

And again, this is not a sponsored post - wish it was.  George, if you want to send us some of your beautiful clothes we won't say no.

We've been a fan of Asda's clothes since Aaron was born, but I don't normally think to blog about it.

Bye for now.

Much love,
Liska and Aaron xxx