Tuesday 13 December 2011

Butlins Bognor Regis - Shoreline Hotel Review


I was blessed to get a place at the Tots 100 xmas party which was hosted by Butlins Bognor Regis.

This meant an excuse for a weekend away, which we'd never have otherwise indulged in this close to Christmas.

We weren't paid to attend (this isn't a paid review) but we did get a discount as part of a group booking and a chance to meet fellow bloggers was too good to turn down.

So back to the Shoreline Hotel at Butlins - Bognor Regis. This was our view on arrival at 11:15 at night on Friday 9th December.
Ours is the large lit up room on the 3rd floor on the right of the circular windows
I was immediately impressed with that view of the room from the car, while I stayed with Aaron, as hubby did 3 trips with the luggage. I liked the size of the window and for some reason I liked the fact that it seemed near reception.

A member of staff who deserves a really special mention is the lady you can see in this video. 

NOTHING was too much trouble for her.

She was on reception when we arrived at 11:15 p.m. and we were with her till after midnight.

At about midnight she:
  1. zipped our single beds together to make them into a double.
  2. She then dressed the bed in double bedlinen and a lovely kingsize duvet - her worry being that she acknowledged that we co-sleep and that Aaron would benefit from a proper duvet.
  3. She built the travel cot (as he does sometimes go in it).
  4. She played with Aaron in reception (see video above).
  5. And after all that she poured me a much needed Tia Maria and coke (the bar is attached to reception).
  6. She was amazing and so conscious of children's needs (having children of her own).  Being that she and I are both Irish I helped my fellow country woman dress the bed while Dad was downstairs with Aaron :-)
This is the origami that they can do with towels to put on your bed:

This was the Shoreline Hotel team of chefs who cooked our food (delicious by the way):
And this was the Shoreline Hotel restaurant team who looked after our every need, at breakfast or dinner - really exceptional service:

A real highlight of the Shoreline Hotel is the kids corner at reception:

I'll now give you a 360 degree tour of our room, at the Shoreline Hotel

But the REAL HIGHLIGHT of The Shoreline Hotel is being able to put Billy Bear to bed - forgive Aaron his grumpy face he was SHATTERED:

Tired Boy

Mummy like Billy I want to go to bed!
There are a long list of things that you get when you stay at Butlins' Shoreline Hotel and they are all listed here!

Thank you Butlins!

Thank you Tots 100.

Liska xxx