Thursday 5 January 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful - anniversary edition


I don't want to think how long it has been since I joined in with #R2BC, but I know it has been toooo long. This is the badge if you would like to click through and see other entries to this wonderful link up.
Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

So back to me. December was a low month for reasons I do not want to go into on this blog, but suffice to say they were to do with work. It was a rollercoaster but I got through it. 23rd December saw me in tears but by that night I was in Toys R Us. It also meant that hubby put up the decorations by himself - EVEN the tree which in 23 years of being together and 10 years of living in this home, he has NEVER ever done. Me not being good at delegating that taught me a valuable lesson - people CAN do things even if they never have before and even without you showing them how :-)

So back to the reasons to be cheerful.

(1) Numero uno is a big one - I have lost 4 kg, so THAT has inspired me to start Mumentum again (return here Sunday), as I wasn't much of a cheerleader before when I wasn't leading by example. Mich who runs Reasons to Be Cheerful has been cheering me on to get it up and running again, so I will honour her by saying yes! and doing just that. Also I will be more committed to Reasons to be Cheerful as that is the very least I owe my blog chum :-)

(2) I am working tomorrow on my day off as there's a lot on this week, but next week should see the beginning of a new dawn - so let's see what that brings shall we.

(3) Aaron is just getting cuter and cuter and cuter - I have a lot of proud mummy moments to blog about and will as soon as I get a moment.

(4) I NEARLY set fire to the kitchen the other day (I WILL blog about it) suffice to say Weetabix do get HOT - I know their latest campaign is try them hot but I am sure that is not what they meant ;-) Oh, the reason this is a R2BC is that I averted the catastrophe. Just in case that wasn't clear.

(5) I am REALLY looking forward to March, which I feel is close, as I KNOW it will start getting warmer then. It is the only thing getting me through this hell week of weather we are having. The mornings are bloody dark, windy and GRIM at the moment. That did not help when I turned up at nursery Tuesday morning when they had not opened yet - Mummy fail!

(6) I feel that 2012 will be the year for me. I taught Kundalini Yoga for 6 years and like a lot of spiritual disciplines, we believe 2012 will see a year of transformation. I can ALREADY feel very different energy. But it will be challenging for a lot of us, as things will come out to be aired. Like the enormous row I had with my sister in law on New Year's Day. Things don't hide under the covers anymore with this new energy. Karma has to be cleared so we can all be more enlightened in 2012. Go with it and see where it takes you. If you do, it will bring good things - if you feel an inkling to be more spiritual go with it.

(7) I went to mass last Sunday and it felt good as I had missed 3 weeks. I am in the church choir and I love it.

(8) I got a really good deal from Kindle yesterday and am looking forward to my replacement arriving on Saturday. Their customer support is excellent.

I think that's all for now.

Liska xxxxx

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