Sunday 26 February 2012

Mumentum Monday Blog Hop Linky

Sometimes my Sunday *Mumentum* posts are negative, as I have not lost any weight, nor done any exercise.

And I am MEANT to be your cheerleader - that's what you are here for, or no?

Today's post is all about what I want to BE, rather than what I don't want to be.  There's a subtle difference.

With that in mind, I invite you to read a blog which I think it really inspirational:

It's  a blog I visited daily, back when I blogged at Liska Life.
Oh those were the days, with no *community* to worry about.

I recently popped along and was delighted to see how successful Philippa has been.

For the inspirational bit go here:

So with it in mind that I want to move towards something, rather than away from something, (i.e. rather than focusing on where I am).  Like Becky in Corrie said "I'm more your going TO girl"

I am looking at pictures of me, that delight me, that will motivate me.

Ones just like this:

4kg fell off me in December due to stress at work, and I proudly announced it to you all.  I was in size 16 instead of 18 jeans.

Well Thursday I had to wear a long top to work as I could button the jeans but could not zip them up.  EVEN with lying down on the bed.

So something has to give.

I think I need to get up in the morning and do yoga everyday before Aaron gets up, or God forbid, take up running (I did run for the school, borough and County when I was a teenager).  Michelle has had great success with her Pilates.

** Anyway, here is where I want YOUR advice **

I have done 2 of Nickie's #DoSomethingYummy Clic Sargent writing prompts:
here and here.

But as it is all about raising money for children with cancer, I now want to move onto the fundraising stage, so with that it mind, I have set up a Just Giving page.

Now, what should I do... donate when I do... or donate when I don't... lose weight?

I was thinking of charging myself a penalty on fail weeks, OR, not buying lattes, and giving that money there, OR doing the 40 day Master Cleanse lemonade diet (that I have wanted to do for a few years now - I have also read the book on my kindle and really believe in it - oh and also, my friend does it once a year and gets so much energy from it she bounces off the ceiling and she is in her 50s) and getting sponsored to do it.

What would you advise?  Given that it is lent, I could give something up, to be on the Lemonade Diet, but I'd be starting late as technically Lent started on Ash Wednesday and it is now Sunday.

If I'd done to church last Sunday I would have known, but I missed it and only found out today - I felt so silly, knowing that it is such a significant part of the calendar and I needed to have the newsletter in my hand to realise.

I have only just set my Just Giving page up, so there are no funds on there yet - really looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

So I leave you with the Linky - that's what you came for right :-)

Please leave a relevant post and we will all go and give you some MUMENTUM.

I don't think I visited everyone last week - sorry *slaps wrist*.

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Best regards
Liska xxx

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  1. Love your blog site. We can see your love being a mother, love for kids and home through this beautiful site.
    Benny Johans


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