Wednesday 14 March 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups


The prompt for this week is to include these 5 words, plus 100 more: …but I turned it off….

For me, I had to write the 1st thing that sprung to mind:

The work BlackBerry, my Samsung, the Apple MacBook, the work Dell, the TV for the soaps... they all blinked at me.  An assault on my senses.  Overloading my nervous system, and my serenity.

One by one, the devices were silenced.

As always, the laptop remained.  The portal to the Mummy Blogging Community.

Stats, Twitter, emails, phone calls; how could a home be so noisy when you could hear a pin drop?  A home so alive with drama when the only thing you can hear is a 20 month old snore?

My principles were on the line, so was my reputation...
…but I turned it off…. 


  1. Good one! So true that the blogoshere can be so frenetic when actually there's nothing happening at home.

  2. Nicely captures the distractions around the home. Well done.


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