Sunday 6 May 2012

I'm 22 months old, not stupid

When a baby is yours, you know that they understand every word you say, and you know when they DO and when they don't.

A long time ago I was talking to Aaron in full sentences and my husband said "what are you doing?!?" "He doesn't know what you are saying".

So I immediately said "Aaron go to the corner of the room, get a book and come back and sit on Mummy's knee and I will read it to you".  I did not put emphasis on book, or knee, or Mummy or read.  And I did not speak in a baby voice.  Aaron was on my knee in SECONDS.  AND it was not something I had ever said to him before.  We hadn't established a reading routine back then yet.  But you know when your son understands, and...... he does!

Anyway today I exchanged some tweets with Dawn @The_Moiderer and as a result I decided I would take Aaron swimming as we have not been this year (2012) as of yet.  Unfortunately after I got my cossie on (to wear under my clothes) Aaron got really really tired and his nap could not be postponed while I packed the swimming gear, so I made him a bottle and had him asleep by 14:02.

Luckily he awoke at 15:15, still plenty of time to go swimming.

I said Aaron do you want to go swimming.  He said "no!" As he LOVES to pretend to swim in the bath, I thought he mustn't know what I am saying, so I asked him about 5 times and kept getting a consistent NO.  This was this afternoon.  Hubby was getting ready for work and said, just pack the stuff, he doesn't know what you are saying.  So I took him to my computer and showed him a picture of a little girl swimming and asked him again, and he said "no way!".

My Mum was on the phone and she thought it was hilarious.

She also said just take him, and see if he refuses to get in the pool.

Anyway within minutes he had a hot forehead.  I think he woke up with it, but I had to make physical contact with him to feel it.  Then he refused a healthy lunch which he'd normally have loved.  Refused noodles, which he loves and only wanted lots of squash (which he calls JUICE) for hydration.

He then demanded chips so I took him out in the buggy to get some, feeling like I was looking after a pregnant woman's cravings LOL.

Anyway, it seems he didn't want to go swimming due to his temperature.  He KNOWS what he wants and who am I to argue.

I showed him a chick face (mask) on a lollipop stick the other day, that he'd made WEEKS ago at nursery, and instead of saying chicken, which he is more than well able to, he said "Claire".

Next time I was at nursery, I said Claire, by any chance was it you that made the chicken face mask with Aaron to which she beamed and said "yes, why do you ask".  I said well he clearly remembers.

She went on to tell me that they have a music teacher who comes in once a week.  Recently she got out a blue piece of fabric, which means she is going to get them to sing Row Row Row Your Boat.

She hasn't done it in weeks, and the second Aaron saw the fabric he said "Row Row".

Just a few days after Xmas we were in Asda's carpark and because I am always saying "A is for Aaron" (never ever in relation to Asda I hasten to add) he looked up at the store and saw the big A and said "A" really loudly.  Because this was Xmas and he was even younger than he is now, I was so proud I actually cried; cried like a baby I did.

Anyway, more than enough things have happened that I now know, even though babies speak English like it is a second language LOL, they are NOT in any way stupid.  If you were abroad and didn't have a great grasp of the language of the country you were in would you like if it people thought you were stupid.

Anyway would be great to hear your stories, whoever you are reading this?   Hhhhhhhhm....? Feel free to comment; they are thin on the ground these days.

Since getting the new Google Blogger Dynamic layout I haven't imported my comments from Disqus and don't know how, so my blog is looking a little naked to say the least - thank God I don't care about ranks anymore (although I do still like looking at my stats).

Liska xxxx


  1. Kids definitely do understand alot. It's great when they suddenly come out with something and surprise you. Teaching them things from young, even if they don't respond in speech, is always great and helps with development x

  2. I also never spoke in baby talk to DD. They understand much more than they can express of course so it is amazing to us when we suddenly see proof of this. I remember laughing so much when DD started telling me to "when a minute" when she wasn't ready to do whatever it was I wanted from her.

  3. Similar happened with me and my OH when Kiera was really young, I as well talked to her in full sentences from birth and OH would ask why do it all the time if she can't understand. Now at 22 months old she understands so much and is like a proper little person now. Great post really enjoyed reading it

  4. JC understands loads too. I've said flippantly 'we need to get your clothes on' for him to then disappear into his room, get his clothes out his wardrobe and start putting them on!

    I have to say that only the dynamic views are interesting and different I miss the warmth of your lovely big profile header and I think the dynamic views can feel cold xx

  5. I HATE baby talk even at any age! I spoke properly to Leo from the moment he was born, obviously I didn't discuss politics or anything with him and I varied the tone of my voice often but all my family spoke normally to him.
    He is now almost 3 and speaks brilliantly (so I am constantly told) and knows his alphabet and numbers (in Greek and English) I believe because we have always told him as much information as we can.

  6. They are amazing little people and they say they devlope their listening and undertsanding skills far before their language. It is so exciting being a mum and watching them grow.

    How are you doing lovely?

    Mich x


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