Tuesday 5 June 2012

Before the Weather Nose Dived there WAS good Weather - albeit all too brief

Aaron's weekend in sunglasses :-) 

Why oh why did the weather not stay like that.  The Queen deserves better! (and I am not even a Royalist).

In Clarks where the sandals he is wearing were purchased

It was 27th May when the weather was BETTER!!!

Hot weather meant we had to dash out and buy sandals!

Such a shame that we go from a weekend of shades and sandals, to scarves and shade!  It is so cold right now, it shouldn't be allowed in June!  Finding I am sleeping more than normal to stay under the duvet as I won't allow myself to turn the heating on in June.

This weekend was an important one for the economy and Britain, with it being the Jubilee and thanks to the weather it has been a Right Royal Washout!

Aaron went from dressed like the above one weekend, to dressed like the below this weekend:

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  1. We have the heating on all the time at the moment, as well as jumpers on and the winter duvet back out!


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