Friday 8 June 2012

F is for Fanta and Fanta is for Fun


I recently went to a Fanta Funpack Event and it was superb.  It was hosted by Lexis PR and the star attraction was Linda Barker.

I haven't been near a sewing machine since school but I was able, with Linda's help, to make this t-shirt:
excuse the state of me - wasn't looking my best AT ALL - concentrate on the tee! :-)

The main purpose of the night other than to feed us with fanta and muffins was to launch their Fanta Funpack, which is a great tool for Mums, and includes the guidelines for making the t-shirt.

Linda was so so incredibly patient and a superb teacher - she even brought her own personal machine so there was NOTHING she did not know about it.  The stitch she got me to do at the bottom of my tee looks like embroidery and yet a machine did it.....

It was wonderful to see Kerry from Multiple Mummy there, featured far left in the photo above.  She spent most of the night concentrating really hard, but luckily we got chance to talk on the way to Liverpool Street station after the event.  She made a fab t-shirt so no wonder she was concentrating.  Her fanta post is here - she was a lot more prompt at doing her post whereas I have been naughty and really dragged my heels.

Lovely people I met there:
@missielizzieb who blogs here
@lulasticblog who blogs here

@CraftBlogUK who blogs here (her daughter made SEVERAL t-shirts and they were all awesome) - you can see the gorgeous girl and her gorgeous tees here.

Well, I can't think of anything to add, other than that they have made Fanta healthier to drink and yet it still tastes the same as it did in the 80s which made me really nostalgic.
Liska x


I will leave you will the official blurb, except it's taken me so long to write it, it wasn't actually referring to THIS half-term - oooops!


Mums searching for fun ways to keep their teens entertained this holiday need look no further - Fanta has the answer. Fanta has teamed up with craft guru and design extraordinaire, Linda Barker, to launch a Fun Pack that is jam-packed with great ways for mums to amuse both their teens and themselves this half-term. The Fun Pack is bursting with fresh ideas and is sure to help mums spend more quality time having fun with their teenagers with a wide range of creative, crafty suggestions that the whole family can enjoy.

To celebrate the new Fanta Orange recipe, which now has the best ever Fanta taste with  natural flavours and real fruit juice, Linda Barker has come up with a variety of zesty ideas that offer fun activities for everyone. From great-tasting culinary treats like Orange Jellies and Banana Cupcakes with a Groovy Granola Topping, to cool crafts including a Bootlace Bracelet and Funky ‘T’, the Fun Pack has hands-on craft ideas that will help mums and teens while away the hours having fun together.

Fun Pack Crafts

·       Funky ‘T’
Update a summer wardrobe and add some juice to a clothing staple with bold, fruity stencils
·       Zesty Toiletry Bag
Keep favourite smellies safe in this bright and convenient roll-up bag
·       Orange Jellies in their skins
Make simple, delicious desserts that are perfect for any zesty weekday meal or summer party
·       Bootlace Bracelet
Wrap wrists with this funky new version of a friendship bracelet
·       Banana Cupcakes with a Groovy Granola Topping
Bake up a storm and create zesty cupcakes that pack a crunch - we called these muffins on the night and they were nothing short of delicious!
·       Perky Pouffe
Sit back and relax this summer on a fabulous pouffe that’s sure to spruce up any family room
Star seamstress and craft queen Linda Barker comments: “Whether mums want to get crafty with their teens this half term, or if they just fancy a bit of ‘me time’ to make something for themselves, the Fanta Fun Pack has got something for everyone. From cookery to clothing, there are activities to suit every taste and ability. The crafts are simple, easy to do and offer great end results that look fabulous and, in some cases, taste great too!”

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  1. Your T-Shirt was awesome Liska and so nice to finally meet you x


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