Wednesday 27 June 2012

Funny or Tragic?

Last night Aaron and his Daddy were doing something that was winding me up and stressing me out and I can't even remember what it was.

But I said: "you two are going to put me in an early grave one of these days".

(I said it for 2 reasons: one, because having a husband and a son is like having 2 sons - at least in my house and two, because that sort of talk went hand-in-hand with my post natal depression and it is a hard habit to break to stop saying things like that).

Anyhow I went on to say: "and I might like it there"....

Hubby mumbled words to the effect of that is what he is waiting for - can't remember his choice of words.

When he then said something about him going I said: "well you could have done on the M25 but you didn't make a good job of it did you?" (anyone who follows me on Twitter will know his car got towed away after that accident, and I was so mad at him for leaving the car seat in there - when I told him 6 days later to get it from the car pound, he went there to find it was no longer in the car.  Someone clearly thought it was ripe for the pickings).  He then had to buy a new one and I was livid, especially as I am in the process of being made redundant.  He got a cab home from the accident so my view was that he should have saved it. 

Anyway then I said: "I freely accept that one day I will wake up, knocking on the inside of the boot of your car".

To which he said: "I aint doing time for you!"

As he has said the exact same thing in the past - a few recent weeks ago.... I said: "Shouldn't the answer be: Darling I would never do that to you!"...

To which he stressed that he meant what he says....

I can't remember what the funny bit was now, but the reason I am sharing this (unlike me) is because I was talking to the girls in the neighbouring office today and the lady I was talking to thought it was hilarious so I thought I would share....

The conversation came about as she was talking about the story line in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" - apparently there is a kidnapping plot in there, and my washing machine brain lead me to share my silly conversation with my husband.

Our conversation actually started with me telling them that Fifty Shades of Grey has now sold more than 1 million copies on Kindle - the 1st book to do that.

I read the Trilogy a few weeks ago and read all three in a week....

But as I am so tired right now after a 13 hour shift I can't remember if I have included every bit that we said to each other - doh!

I'll ask my neighbour tomorrow and hopefully she can remember better than me.  If it was funny she will do!

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  1. Only you know how you feel Liska, if it is funny or tragic.

    I suppose it depends on what your reationship is like with your hubbie, whether you have banter etc. I have to say that if my hubbie said those things to me I would be devastated, but then he is quite a serious sort rather than a joker.

    Hugs my lovely Mich x


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