Sunday 24 June 2012

My Style Makeover with TK Maxx at Brit Mums Live

I had the benefit of a style makeover at Brit Mums Live yesterday and you can see here, in my You Tube video, how she modernised my outfit with just a couple of changes.

The history of this outfit is that I spent the day shopping in Westfield Stratford on Monday18th June, especially for Brit Mums Live.

The top I am wearing below, I fell in love with, in Next, even though I KNEW that it is NOT the best neckline for me.

Then when I was shopping Thursday 21st after work, at Marks & Spencers, I went down the road of "matching" the colour pallette which apparently is really 80s! Got that from my Mum.

Hence I bought the trousers which although matching in colours, I thought were funky -
they are, but, just too samey samey in the colours.... anyhow, this is the trousers I am wearing:

Anyhow, look at how she transforms me:

The photographs are not easy to look at in the above so I also include them below:

How I was dressed - yes! Quite Mumsie!

TK Maxx quite like to clash, but it was too much for me!

THIS however, I could handle - the years have been taken off!

The culprit for my makeover

The speaker in the video (after my makeover it continues into a "talk" so stay tuned!)


  1. I actually like the pink under the blue the best. It takes years off you just by adding some colour. Looking good honey! I missed you this weekend. Hopefully I can come down for a wee break in the holidays now I have a new job! X

  2. I prefer the latter one - I can't get my head around clashing (pink & blue) but the stylist said it is good to do - eeeeek!
    Glad you like it - you are obviously on trend.
    New job new job????
    That was quick.
    Maybe there is hope for me and my redundancy after all.
    Thanks for stopping by, Liska xxxx

  3. I think the clashing really suits you, and I also love the blue jacket with your white top and the belt. Either way, the jacket is very flattering on you. I wish I'd gone for a makeover now, ah well :)

    1. It was very good and she spent about 20 minutes with me. If you watch my You Tube video above you can see some tips included in there.
      Rgds, Liska xxx

  4. I am really bad at what's "in" and what's not. I do love the splash of colour added by the blue jacket, though, really suits you x

  5. I love that jacket. We had the same stylist and I wish she's spent some more time with me. However, her comments were really helpful so I hope I'm brave enough to follow them through.

  6. The jacket looks fab! I love bold colours like that and it suited you!


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